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Ye olde car, she is an ex-car, finally went tits-up once and for all.  The daughter’s boyfriend has a free towing service, fortunately, to bring her here so I at least don’t have to pay an abandoned vehicle fee.  ‘Cuz she croaked mid-street.  Daughter unit was en route to a doctor’s appointment and managed to find help pushing it off the street, fortunately, into a parking lot.

Meh, I knew it was on its way out for a while.  I’ve arranged for a ride to work tomorrow.  I can haul my ass by bus on Saturday.  Next week, God only knows.

If I could manage the work hours I honestly would be more than fine with doing without a car for a while.  I do a hella lot of running around after work during the week.  This would simplify my life.  G and the daughter unit would have to walk if we needed something from the store.  And when my knee tanks I take off work, period.  Ain’t no two ways around it.

Would also save us enough money to cover the vehicle pretty shortly.  I’m just sayin’.

As I said, it will work out.  Things always do.

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