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Purple People Peeves

Okay, so I don’t really turn purple, mostly.  Almost never, anyway.  It just drives me insane when people throw trash beside trash cans, when it would take all of two additional seconds to actually hit the mark.  It happens at work: hello?  Paper towels go INSIDE the trash can, not next to, behind or on its upper rim.  On the street – don’t even get me started there.   In stores and pretty much anyplace there is a public trash receptacle.


Now that I’ve ground my teeth on that pet peeve, I return you to your regularly scheduled house hunt.  Which, I might add, is on par with the Keystone Cops or Laurel & Hardy.  If it takes much longer we’ll literally be priced out of the market.

The dingbats who wanted their cake and wanted to eat it too?  Still sitting there while we search again.  We have another “maybe” on the radar.  Love it, just taking a wait and see approach.  Some of the places on the market now are flips, and are just past the limits of my pocketbook.  I might be able to stretch, but I am already looking outside my comfort zone.  We’ll see how well the flips will go now that the regular buyers are largely out of the picture.

Nice place – again.  4/2 plus a den and a doggy door.  I think this might be lucky #7.  It’s got kind of a weird story behind it too but not something for public consumption.  I’ll let you know.  Definitely not getting emotionally involved at this stage of the game.

I’m tired this week, but think the allergy fiasco may slowly be receding, at last.  I am SO ready to be able to breathe again!

The grandson has become surgically attached to G.  When anyone takes him away from his grandpa – even his mommy! – he cries.  Fortunately G adores the kid and is okay with the little monkey hanging on most of the time.  Short Stuff’s not quite walking and we’re hoping he’ll hold out until after we move into a house, when we’ll have the computers and other electronic goodies tucked away behind a closed door.  He’s probably about two months away, but heaven knows he could surprise us all and take off running any day now.

As you probably gathered from my rambling, not a lot going on today.  I’m going to camp out for an hour or so with a book and with the TV droning in the background.  Better than any sleeping pill!

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