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Puppy Love

G has now been slammed for a SECOND time by the ickness going around.  He sounded like hell this afternoon and crawled into bed around 7-ish, barely functional enough to manage that much.  I got some Tylenol Severe Cold geltabs and wouldn’t have taken no for an answer even if he’d had the strength to argue the point.

My daughter had it before Christmas, got over it sort of, and got gobsmacked by it a second time a week or so later.  Now G.  That does not bode well for me, either, so I am trying to keep meds (organic and otherwise) in stock.  Absence from work is not an option and if my family’s experiences are any indication, I’m gonna need all the help I can get to sidestep a repeat performance of my own.

On a very different note:

For anyone who hasn’t yet figured it out, we live in a smallish apartment.  Not a bad place, and a fairly decent neighborhood overall (not counting the tattoo parlor and bail bonds place next door… but I digress…)  That whole “apartment” part means Ye Puppy of DoggsTM doesn’t have a real yard to play in, which is why we take him to the dog park on the weekends.  We try to watch that he doesn’t get past the porch gate unless leashed, too, particularly since our porch gate opens almost directly into the parking lot.  Even a relatively nice place can have drivers that don’t or can’t stop for small dogs that dart out in front of them.

However, a day or two ago, G freaked to discover that the front door was ajar and so was the gate, with nary a pupster in sight.  G tore outside in a panic, despite his craptacular case of cold/flu/whatever.

So where was our fearless doggy, the four-legged racing maniac who had the freedom to roam wherever he liked?

Our canine Houdini was plunked on his haunches just a few paces away from the door, his butt planted patiently in my regular parking space, waiting for me.  G says Ye Puppy of DoggsTM moves into position a few minutes before I get home every day, maneuvering a spot right at the gate.  And he greets me with unrestrained puppy enthusiasm when I arrive.  Do you wonder any more why, after my long-time grumblings about FrankenMutt of yore, I am so in love with this creature that cannot possibly be the same species as aforementioned gray, chicken-squawking aberration??

I have really been more or less cheating for dinnertime meals all week.  Minestroni from a mix one night, pot pies tonight, and last night jarred alfredo sauce.  Sorry, but this wasn’t going to be a cooking week.  Last night I didn’t even cook the alfredo – the daughter unit did.

Yes, I do know how to cook (and for that matter, so do my kids.)  But when it’s been one hellacious week after another, I’m soooooo willing to do whatever is easy and fast.

Yes, I also know this stuff is the antithesis of dieting.  I’m hoping one of my carpoolers goes through with her threat/promise to get a vehicle soon.  When I make the trip to get her and take her home, it makes my day nearly as long as when I was taking the bus before – in some cases even longer.  That was kind of the whole point of getting a car: cutting down on commute time and making it easier on my knees.  There’s a bit less stress on my knees (thank you God that the cruise control works on the car and most of the morning drive is a straight shot, with the lights timed to green!)  But the hours are brutal again.

Now that I have insurance again (and hallelujah for it!) I am going to get new glasses.  It’s getting to the point I can’t see enough to work, or more importantly, enough to update and read blogs!

Yikes – it’s way later than I realized.  Bed’s calling to me and my alarm goes off in a ridiculously short number of hours.  Gotta wrap this up for tonight.

I’m also hoping when we move this summer it’ll be closer to work.  Cross your fingers.

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