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Pre-Holiday Plotting

The Christmas tree is in place, with a nekkid floor beneath it (if you don’t count the tree skirt). We’re making the adult kids’ Christmas gifts this year, in the sense of more family history by way of a family recipe cook book, loose leaf so they can add their own goodies. I get called on a semi-regular basis to ask how to make chicken & dumplings, for example, and so on and so on. I have no idea what we’ll do for the younger kids. Yes, I know I’ve got just a few days to make it happen.

G built wooden shelves to hold the recipe books, which hopefully will also be appreciated. The kids have definitely had an attitude adjustment toward him over the past year. I understand both points of view, to a degree, and am simply glad for the thaw.

Still trying to scheme up an alternative job I can do from home and still pay the bills. I was approached not too long ago and asked to create a custom tarot deck. Not necessarily my thing, but I’m not opposed to creating one for sale. I do know that the better decks sell for a pretty penny to the right crowd. Very niche thing though, and not sure how difficult it would be to break into it. A couple of people suggested ways to me, and I’m game for giving it a shot. I found a place that will print for about $15 a deck, which isn’t too bad. I don’t know how much shipping would be from the printer, and don’t have a clue what kind of inventory I should consider up front, if I go for it.

The younger daughter, the one who’s been living with me all this time, has finally pinned down her apartment and is moving over New Years’ weekend. I’ll miss my grandson something fierce. I’m also immensely grateful not to have him here all the time because it will give me some of my life back. Between the toddler, health issues, work and all of the peripheral details that make up life, it’s been almost impossible to do anything creative for who knows how long.

For those of you who heard about the Good Samaritan who paid off all the layaway bills at Kmarts? Apparently one struck closer to home too. I didn’t have anything on layaway, but a friend here in the Phoenix metro area did and she just got the call that someone paid off all but one penny on her layaway. She was a struggling single mom and grandma and was in tears of relief as a result. Who can blame her?

cabinetG bought our joint Christmas gift last week, a ginormous china cabinet. It’s something I’ve wanted ever since we moved in here, because there’s so little storage in the kitchen itself. It’ll help once the daughter and grandson move out, granted, but even after they leave we need more storage. It’s very mid-century, which his fine, with brass fittings and light wood. Not crazy about the finishes but it’s built like tank and gets rid of the old bookshelf that we’d been using before.

I’ll take it and be grateful for it. It was a local deal, didn’t cost much, and G called in a favor to get it delivered.

Otherwise not a lot of news at this end of the world. Taking every opportunity to rest so hopefully sooner or later the flu goes the way of the dinosaur. Everyone I’ve talked to has had it for several weeks straight, so I know it’s a matter of toughing it out as well as I can. DayQuil and NyQuil are my bosom buddies for the foreseeable future, and thank goodness for them.

Here’s hoping everyone else has a good holiday season, one that’s filled with peace, and that Santa (or your wish-fulfillment party of choice) brings you all good things!

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