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I am loving my new iPad.  I’d love it more if it didn’t have the supremely irritating habit of trying to read my mind and type what it THINKS I mean instead of what I ACTUALLY mean.  Poolie has described her experiences with the syndrome.  I’ll get over it, it’s just annoying as heck.

I spent a few hours this afternoon at my sister’s house and she, being an iPhone owner, gave me a list of must-have apps, most of which left saying “meh”.  I did download a few, pretty much all freebies, though I did spring for a 99 cent paid version of one program.  Sadly, my biggest issue with both my iPad and my Blackberry are that for whatever reason, my desktop computer REFUSES to recognize them and therefore I can’t move files from Point A to Point B.  With that in mind I installed Dropbox, figuring no worries, I’ll just upload what I want there and move it over.  (Including Terri’s eBook; part of the reason I haven’t read it yet is because my body isn’t cooperating for long stretches of sitting at the desktop ‘puter.)

Errr… nice theory.  I just have to figure out now how to download from my Dropbox account to the iPad.  If it’s possible to do so, anyway.   I suppose if I must, I’ll read the directions.  But gee, why would anybody want to do that???

Sis also pointed me to a supposedly legit movie download site, paid membership kind of place, though I am seeing current titles (as in stuff that’s only been out in theaters for a couple of weeks) which worries me.  I may end up just going with Netflix.  The last thing I want is the frigging sue-happy copyright  Nazi’s on my tail, especially when I’m trying to go through legal channels.

I’m definitely avoiding the stuff that I know within reason is pirated.  It could be  just the trailers you can download and that’s fine and dandy, but yeesh.

Meanwhile back at the ranch trying to decide what to do for dinner.  Spaghetti is a nice theory but my body isn’t in the mood to stand and cook today.  Which is just a whole ‘nother level of pissing me off.

And another real hot point for me is Hotmail, which I personally think would better be named Shitmail.  I had a Hotmail address since dirt was invented; apparently some spammer decided to help themselves to my email info and the account was closed down.  (Thank God it happened AFTER I changed the settings on some critical accounts, including PayPal.)  I’ve jumped through umpteen hoops to get the password reset, including all kinds of what is ostensibly Microsoft “help”.  Which, if you’ve ever dealt with Microsoft, is beyond insulting and better yet, it NEVER.  EVER.  WORKS.  Just for fun, when you’re locked out of your account, you’re required to LOG IN for help.  (Gee – I can’t imagine why that would be a problem – can you???)  I tried creating another account name just to get help with the original one, but nooo.  I go through the motions of a password reset and it simply never does shit.  So maybe after all it should be called NO-Shitmail.  As in, if you elect to use it, No-Shit you’ll have problems forever after.

Sorry for the bitch fest. I wasn’t in a particularly bad mood until some misbegotten brain fart made me decide to try MicroShaft again.  Stupid me.

As I putter around I’m discovering that a lot of the reason stuff isn’t opening is that iPad doesn’t have native utilities to open most of the files I’ve got, with the exception of my tunes.  I don’t want to keep those on my Dropbox account so will have to find another means of moving them from my desktop.  I’ll figure it out, just takes time.

For now, though, I’m calling it good and heading somewhere I can get horizontal and give my back a rest.  Later!

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