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Pony Up and Ride

We got our first three official submissions for ReadWriteGo.  The submitter didn’t bother to follow a single direction on the site other than uploading the files.  I’m sure it was largely because the writer is male, and we all know how men are about asking for directions.  Apparently that goes double for reading them.

The books themselves look promising; I just began to skim through them tonight and at least this guy understands the gist of sentence structure and so on.  He’s already a published writer, which in theory should count for something.  It doesn’t.  I’ve read some abysmal stuff that made it to print, including some from the big publishing houses.  I’m willing to cut this guy some slack because he’s our first submitter and like I said – English, written with attention to spelling and punctuation.  It’s also fact-based work (war stories) which by design appeal to a predominantly male audience.  Let’s face it: many a technophile is male, so we need to offer a balance of works.  Hopefully we have another, younger male writer working in the wings.  I have been heckling… er, asking for his contributions.

I’m still waiting for Terri’s submission, and I’m trying to hammer out my fantasy fiasco that’s been percolating for so long.  Bah!  I know the story inside out and upside down, have my characters cut-and-dried, and the darned computer absolutely refuses to do the cleanup work for me!  How rude!

We’re mid-January so there’s still time.  I hate waiting until the last possible second though, because it’ll be hell to really manage quality that way.

Lest anyone bemoan the numbers, I refuse to be upset; if for any reason RRG doesn’t go, there are other outlets I can recommend for fellow writers.  Something tells me getting the right works on Amazon can still pull down some nice money.  I’ll be surprised if we don’t see ebooks hitting the NY Times bestseller list before much longer.  However, I’m also looking to touch base with some of the publishing houses about carrying some of their writers in our repertoire.  I haven’t heard of any of them doing online ebooks so a partnership might be a nice alternative.  And if they want their publications exclusively I’m fine with that too – long as they agree to review submissions from the good writers I push their way, with an eye toward making them both print and ebook offerings.

(Hey, a girl can dream can’t she?)

G has a bad case of the sniffles going on, one I hope to bypass. So far so good.  The daughter and boyfriend are still here but not for long.  Boyfriend’s outta here by the first, come Hell or high water.  I want my house back and so does G.  The kids have literally taken over and Mom’s putting her foot down – or booting it against somebody’s ass.

I’m going to call it an early night tonight.  The fibromyalgia flared up today – still not in the ball park of what it’s been some days, but definitely making its presence known.  So I’m camping out with a book and maybe some TV.  I need to double up on hours next week, which means kicking back this weekend as much as possible.  Remember the top prize I mentioned in our contest at work?  Turns out I lied.  Top prize is actually a trip – paid vacation, anywhere in the US on the boss’s tab, plus spending money.  Not sure I can do enough hours to get into that tier but hey – one of the “little” prizes is an iPad.  Given the one-two punch of my own dead ‘puter and the remarkable capacity to surf from wherever, I’m gunning for that!

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