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Pitter Patter

Nope, no new babies – yet.  Too soon for that.

The pitter-patter I’m talking about is rain.  It’s been one of those all-too-rare hazy, slow, lazy rainy days here in the desert.  I love them.  It’s nice and cool, too, as bonus points.  Not cold, thank goodness; we don’t have to worry about snow!  Just crisp, the way you expect autumn to be in the real world.  I worked five hours of OT today, which will pack a little extra into my paycheck.  Just wish I wasn’t dealing with the downside to chilly weather: the arthritis is in overtime too.  The spray-on stuff is awesome when I remember to use it regularly.  Of course it’s that “remember” part that zaps you every time and as you probably gathered, I didn’t remember.  Now I’m playing catch up.

My mood started off in less than auspicious territory this morning anyway.  There’s a bicycle race called the Iron Man Competition that wends through town today.  Unfortunately it only closed off all routes going northward, for the entire day.

Guess which way I drive to work?

It took me 20 minutes to finally work my way to the freeway.  I hate taking the freeway in my old car.  It rattles and shakes like it’s going to start breaking apart.  Kinda had no other options available to me today, though.  I was not a happy camper and wasn’t sure I’d ever make it in time for work as it was.  I made it in, then (just adding insult to injury) our time clock system was broken.  Since I’d already called in to say I might be late, I had better not be penalized for it because I DID arrive on time.  I contacted one of the managers  (who was supposed to fix it) and he blew me off, just told me to email my manager and have him fix it tomorrow.  Grrr…

Like I said, not the best start to the day.

But work itself, once I got past the first roadblocks, was okay.  I got the hours in, made a little bit of money, and there ya go.

Then I limped home and my daughter needed a ride to the grocery store.  Considering the condition of my knee today, that was asking a lot. She is cooking, though, and I opted for the motorized grocery cart, we got a good parking place and I got some odds ‘n ends I needed, too.  If it hadn’t been for the fact that five minutes into the store daughter had an anxiety attack, it would’ve worked out.  Of course the weekend before a holiday the place was rampant with the usual holiday craziness and people playing bumper-karts, all the usual stuff.  Daughter was in the mood to throttle anyone who cut in front of us, and naturally being the pre-holiday weekend that pretty much was an all-inclusive list.

We both survived and are ahead on a few fronts, it’s a short work week and I still have vacation time left.  I’m going to drench my knee in the stuff, kick back and take it easy, and life will all be good.

Oh – and my daughter gets along great with her boyfriend’s ex.  The ex brought his daughter over and the girls went back after something my daughter forgot, which is even better – because I didn’t have to drive and my daughter didn’t have to get out of the car, heh.  Sideways serendipity has its moments.

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