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Pillows, Goulash and Mountains

For those of you who read my diary on its irregular schedule, you know that every weekend my husband and I have a date with yard sales. It’s a big BIG deal to the hubster, who loves to wheel and deal, and most of the time if we find anything it’s what interests him – I’m just the driver. I don’t mind even for those days, because it kicks four-wall-itis in the ass and we just plain have fun. It’s the thrill of the hunt and the fun of bitching over unrealistic prices and pathetic junk.

Today we went out just to enjoy the cool, clean air after yesterday’s rain. To give you an idea of the area, here’s a snap the hubby took today. This is looking south at our subdivision – and those mountains you see in the distance 1) really aren’t distant and 2) are a heck of a lot bigger than they look.


I think that’s cotton in the field. That’s what’s generally planted there. The cement line in the front is an irrigation canal, a necessary evil for things grown in this part of the world. It puts recycled waste water to good use.

This is a couple of miles further over to the east, but still along our yard-sale route.


Technically speaking we’re considered a suburb of Phoenix, but we’re so far out that it really is less suburb and more rural community. One block over from our house is an open field, though I gather it’s slated for more homes in the next few months. That means construction traffic (ugh) and the associated noise and dust, but it also means our property values are on their way back up. There’s a LOT of building in the area right now, including – trumpet flare, please – a brand spanking new movie theater! The closest theater to here is about 25 or 30 miles away, so the new one will be awesome. It’s not exactly in our back yard but a lot closer than we are now.

Today’s yard-sale haul was pretty neat and not a lot of money. Hubby picked up this old 8mm camera from the 1950’s for $1:


He just liked it because it was cool, and I figured he’d keep it for his office. But noooo… He’s already sold it and we haven’t been home for an hour. He sold it for $10. Did I mention that his wheeling and dealing PAYS for all the stuff we buy from yard sales, and normally also pays for us to go out for breakfast on Saturday mornings? Whatever he doesn’t sell that week, a lot of times gets stashed back for our next yard sale. Our last yard sale hauled in close to $300. Win-win, baybeeeee!

This was my pickings from the trip this morning – which was a whim, because there aren’t typically many yard sales on Sundays, at least not in our neck of the woods:


Those pillows are HEAVY suckers. I assume they came from a sofa, but we’ll be putting them on our bed to replace some long-flattened ones. I sit in bed a fair amount of time, particularly when my knee flares up, and those have enough substance to provide good back support. The picture looks like there are two, but there are actually four of ’em, and they’re BIG, I think 20″ square.

The metal vase is going on the back porch, per hubby’s edict (unless I talk him out of it, a work in progress). The little wooden box didn’t photograph terribly well but it’s pretty damned cool too. The cost for everything in the picture was $7, from the same folks where G bought the camera. G also bought a couple of other tools, a heavy duty drill and a tree saw. We spent less than $20 altogether, for everything we bought all day, and G’s camera sale already recouped $10. He asked if I wanted to go back and get anything else from them – and it was tempting, heh.

Despite the rain (of which there were buckets) yesterday, we hit a couple of community yard sales and found a few odds ‘n ends then too, just nothing terribly photogenic. I bought a scarf in shades of blue, which reminds me a lot of a Van Gogh painting, and G bought some goodies. Mind you, 100% of this has been paid by the proceeds of G’s online sales. Now that I’ve intro’d him to Facebook he’s got even more outlets to buy and sell. The man is happy as a clam. If you see notes to me from Reno Holland on FB, that’s my spousal connection. He refuses to use his real name, and I can’t say I blame him – but he’s tickled to death with social media exactly two weeks after I dragged him, kicking and screaming, into the 21st century.

After our excursion through the yonder backroads, we settled in back home and the husband unit nukified me some leftovers for lunch. We refer to it as goulash, having grown up in the midwest, though one of my friends informed me that it ain’t really goulash without elbow pasta. (I was out of elbow pasta so substituted bowtie pasta. I’m so bad.) It’s basically pasta, ground beef, onion, bell pepper and in our case, some chopped mushrooms, all tossed together and we call it dinner. Today we called it lunch.

Well, I’m off to edit my friend’s book. She’s down to the wire for publishing and while her genre is different from mine (paranormal romance – thankfully without a single vampire) her book’s really, really good. We’re making it so, heh. My own has languished because I’m too lazy to promote it, but I’ll get it out there. Also going to write a couple of short ones (on the order of 40 pages or so) for free for anybody with a Kindle. Those I can slam out in a few days’ time.

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