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Pillowback Girl

I got the sewing machine set up and running and whipped up a matching set of pillow covers for the big pillow forms we were given.  I hit the fabric store a few days ago and bought some wale-less corduroy.  Fortunately it was wider than I thought, since the pillows themselves were larger than I was told.  And with the additional material I was able to make a 2″ flange vs. the 1″ version I’d planned.  Big as these pillows are, the larger flange is a better balance.

Also hit the fabric outlet store yesterday and picked up some goodies there.  I know how some of it will be used, still not sure on another piece of material I picked up, but it’s all good.

However, since I didn’t have a suitable sewing table I forfeited my desktop ‘puter, tucking it into the closet so I could use the desk.  That desk is built like Fort Knox.  I hate how it looks, all modern blond pseudo-wood; but it’s so sturdy I can’t make myself give it up.  Which means I’m using the laptop ’til further notice.  I’m fine with that in some respects, just wish it were a faster machine.  I could update to Win 7 if I were so inclined, I suppose, but it kind of seems pointless now.  Better to wait it out.

And once I can figure out how the heck to move my photos from my iPhone to my laptop I’ll probably put some pictures online.

Next priority is car and house, not necessarily in that order.  If we do the house first we can do the $0 move-in and take the cash to get a car.  I have enough for one or the other but not both by the time the overtime glut concludes.  While the house is zero down, I have to have proof of funds for closing costs even if the seller covers closing costs.  Ergo the money I’d normally throw into a car is sidelined ’til the house closes.  And no, we’re not there yet.  I need to get ahold of mortgage dude this week and need to do a couple of other smallish things.  God knows how I’ll hang onto my sanity to cover it all.

Oh, wait.  That’s right.  Sanity is both optional and overrated.

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