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Pictures on Hold

I haven’t forgotten about baby pictures but it’s been a wee bit INSANE for the past week or so since Squeakers* was born.  As it turned out he might’ve been anxious to make an appearance but he wasn’t quite cooked yet, so he’s spent the week in the Neonatal ICU.  Which may have also averted some other issues.  I’ll ‘splain as we go.

Pictures are still forthcoming but will be slightly delayed because I’m calling it a night shortly.

I pulled a 24-hour marathon last Friday when Squeakers decided to show up.  He was only a couple of weeks early and his birth weight, at just under 7 pounds, was perfectly acceptable.  As it turned out, though, his lungs weren’t quite ready for the real world so he’s been poked, prodded, oxygenated, yada yada.   Not to worry – he’s made progress by proverbial leaps and bounds.   Turned out that 1) he’s a piglet – definitely not a problem with his appetite!  And 2) the oxygen feed was ironically reducing his ability to breathe.  Once they pulled the tubes out of his nose this morning early his oxygen levels went right up and this time stayed that way.  Barring something unforeseen he’s going home tomorrow.

Furthermore, he’s now past the threshold at which the other munchkins experienced their seizures.  Obviously it’s still possible, but we think that the oxygen add-on may have prevented them for him.  We know that they could mark the onset of our other babies’ seizures by a dip in their oxygen levels – ergo actually GIVING this little guy oxygen may have stopped any potential seizures before they began.  Here’s hoping, anyway!

And did I mention he’s a piglet?  He’s also extremely aware and loves socializing.  When he was having problems and his daddy was reading to him his oxygen levels were perfect.  Dad shut up, the numbers dropped.  When dad or mom says something to him now, he turns his head and cranes his neck if necessary, anything to look at them.  He was wide-eyed today while I talked to him and held him, definitely reacting to me. I think we can pretty safely establish that he can hear and see.

His mommy, fortunately for aforementioned piglet, is a milk machine.  (I was the same way.)  She and I talked and she’s checking into donating breast milk.  We asked the hospital personnel about it.  The nurses all said they wish the hospital had a program like that because it would make so much difference for preemies, quite possibly life and death for some.  There is a national group – my daughter said she’ll probably call them tomorrow.  I’m not so keen on the national groups in one sense, because they sell not based strictly on medical need but who can pay for it.  But if it’s the only game in town and it could make a difference for even one child…

I had vacation days yesterday and today – and thank God for them.  Then one short day tomorrow and I’ve got a weekend off.  I’ll take it!

Y’all know I’m fascinated by the offbeat and mysterious of the world.  I watched a show last night (I think it was on the History Channel) about Bigfoot in all the variations reported worldwide.  This show proposed several alternatives and one I found especially intriguing.  The presumption to date has been that Bigfoot, if the creature exists at all, is a type of ape.  The show last night offered the concept that maybe – just maybe – Bigfoot is a descendant of the Neanderthals, or at least a different branch of the human family tree.

Despite the forest lifestyle of the creatures, if they bury their dead and exist in a primitive society and possess human-comparable intelligence, it would explain why we haven’t found hard evidence of their existence.  Of the small handful of scientists considering the possibilities, they’re not searching for bigfoot remains in graves; they’re treating them as though, like wild animals, the bones would be left for scavengers.  If Bigfoot tribal members possess even a rudimentary human intelligence, it wouldn’t take much for them to realize the danger of interacting with “modern” humans.  Making themselves scarce would be a no brainer, so to speak.

Also, some Christian groups have decreed that the Rapture will occur on May 21 of this year, just nine days from now.  I am all for religious freedoms so long as they’re not harming others, but I genuinely feel for some of the folks like this.  Several have sold everything they own, all based on a precept that’s expressly the antithesis of the Bible.  The Bible is explicit in stating nobody knows the day or the hour.  Not to mention the Bible doesn’t expressly say anything about the Rapture in the first place.  I’ve read the book of Revelation and sorry, it’s simply not there.  There is one reference to people being “caught away” but there is absolutely no reference to place it to any time, and certainly not in the context this group is quoting.

Maybe they’ll be right.  Maybe the Mayans got it right.  Or maybe like the Y2K bug we all anticipated, it’ll amount to a whole lot of nothing in both cases.  I’m all for being prepared for worst-case scenarios.  To me, though, selling everything you have and running up credit card bills, quitting your job… not my idea of preparation at all.

The Bible ALSO says, “Occupy ’til I come.”  The standard translation of “occupy” is to live and make a home.  There are a lot of other things the Bible says, too, that people conveniently dismiss from their religious memories: references to a father’s “skirts;” an order to build a fence around the top of their houses; Jesus’s one direct commandment that we love one another; and so on.

I try not to say much about preachers, for a lot of reasons.  But God help the ones who lead people to a path of self-destruction.

Bleh – I really need to hit the sheets.  My alarm goes off in four hours!

*The nickname given him due to his propensity to squeak rather than cry.  He is quite capable of crying but we figure the nickname will probably stick for a while to come!

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