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Pictures from Home

We hauled a few boxes over to the new place today and I took along the Nikon.  While the primary reason was to document the few problems with the place (part of the move-in process, a checklist you’re given) I also snapped some just on principle.  So while there’s not any furniture yet, here ya go:

Living room:

Living Room

Dining area:

Dining Room

Walk-in closets!

Walk In Closets

And of course the kitchen:


This is the master bedroom’s sitting area. It’s actually about 7’x10′, so bigger than it looks:

Sitting Area - Master Bedroom

The apartment is actually much larger than it seems from these pictures. The master bedroom is 12×15 excluding the sitting area, and that countertop facing directly into the cabinet is about 8′ long. There’s also a nice sized pantry in the kitchen, behind the camera view. (On the other side of the fridge.) We’re up to our ears in boxes at the moment but figured we’ll take over all the breakable stuff in the car, in a couple of short trips, vs. risking breakage in the moving van. What really stoked me is how COOL the apartment was even with the AC turned off. It wasn’t much hotter than our current apartment is with the AC on!  Hopefully that’ll translate into lower cooling bills, particularly since G is really meticulous about keeping the thermostat about 80 degrees already.

My new kitchen window overlooks one of our patios on the east side and on the west side my view is mostly greenery. I can comfortably reach most of the kitchen cabinets, even the top shelves (bigtime brownie points for that!) and our pantry is wider and shallower than the one at the old apartment, which means that nothing is swallowed up by the impenetrable black hole characteristic of the old place.

All in all we’re very pleased.

I did get kind of a chuckle out of the orb caught in front of the fireplace.  Welcome home, indeed, to someone who so thoroughly enjoys Ghost Hunters and such.  A bit tough for anyone to claim dust motes, too, as I took that first thing through the door, before anything could be stirred up.  Could obviously still be anything at all.  I still like to think it’s our friendly neighborhood paranormal welcome wagon.

G also brought along a measuring tape to see about the fit of the TV stand – ultimately proving I was right about being able to slide the TV into that neat little nook alongside the frieplace.  So the fireplace will remain uncovered like I asked and we’ll still be able to see TV without cords trailing across the floor.

Incidentally – somebody commented that there’s a PHP error at the bottom of the page, and there is. Unfortunately it’s something encrypted into this theme.

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