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Phi Beta Geeka

Have I ever mentioned that I’m a geek?

And not just a Geek, oh no, nothing so mild-mannered.

I’m a Nerdy Geek.  My kids refer to me alternately as Geek Mom or Nerd Mom.  *Wipes away tear of joy at such wonderful compliments.*

You can blog as lackadaisically as I do without being a geek, but it rings of the uber-geekness when you feel truly lazy because you built your own blog and used WordPress because it was easy to install and configure.  Oh, and more guilt because I am using a pre-made template instead of tackling a design from scratch.  Without a single modification (other than the widgets, and they don’t count.)  My plugins are milquetoast stuff, too.

It’s more geeky to berate yourself because your first attempt at installing Linux on a new machine crashed and burned.  Okay, so the processor was bad.  It was a one-in-a-million thing.  So aside from all that, how lame was I for not being able to install it?  (This wasn’t recently, don’t worry.  It was a few years back and I’m no longer severely traumatized by the memory.)

I build complete new websites on a whim, my only qualms about which would be better: Joomla, Moodle or ZenCart.  (So far I’m sticking with Joomla.)  Do I go with PHP or ASP.NET?  Oh, never mind.  I’m not conversant in ASP.NET.  My education has more than a few gaps.

I also have the weak moments of girliness and yes, even a catty streak now and then.  So a couple of nights ago, much to my amusement/excitement/inferiority/superiority complexes’ delight (What – like you can’t have all those at once????) I had the television turned to a marathon of What Not To Wear.  It’s Makeover Shanghai, where someone’s friends, family, colleagues and who knows what arranges for the whole world to see you kidnapped by fashion nazis and videotaped in your worst moments.  People are called marginally PC versions of slut, fat slob, nympho, pig, and God knows what else.  Then they’re handed a $5000 card to go shopping, displayed in their undies, then further humiliated and told they’re stupid and don’t listen and what’s worse – they have exactly ZERO style.

I do love that show.

So this week in the middle of the nobody-I-ever-heard-of makeovers, the he & she star duo in charge caught up with and kidnapped Blossom.  Seriously.  Their victim… er, culprit… erm, target… was Mayim Bialik, child star from Blossom and current semi-regular on The Big Bang Theory.  (Which I’ve sadly only seen a couple of times.)  This is a lovely young mom of two small children, someone the show’s claws-unsheathed personalities acknowledged was television royalty.

But the truth was the truth.  The girl was, TV, money and all, a fashion train wreck.  She looked at her own pictures and commented on one of them, “That’s my grandma’s sweater.  I think she hated it too.”

Thank God for one thing.  By the time it was said and done, Mayim did indeed look genuinely better and substantially tinier.  But she also looked like HERSELF, quirky, out-there and all.  She was the only one of their targets who bought her own clothing so when she found a jacket the team found gag-worthy, in the end they actually made it work.  Another reason to be impressed as heck?  Girl’s got brains on top of the brains in her brains.  Ms. Bialik has her doctorate in neuroscience and minor degrees in Hebrew and Jewish studies.  Oh, and in her spare time she’s writing a book.  Around work and taking care of two small babies.  (Nobody fakes being a hands-on mom to that degree, bags under the eyes and all.)

Okay – we’ll be doing some shopping tomorrow after all.  Turns out we’re gonna have yet more people here.  So far looks like we’re gonna hit 25 here on Saturday.  Whoops, better get a bigger turkey.  And some folding chairs and at least a couple of fistfuls of Valium.  Seriously, I need to track down some folding chairs because this is just going to be crazier than crazy.  If it’s warm enough and I can find a couple of extra chairs we’ll use the patio off the dining room because frankly I don’t know where else I’ll put anyone.

I can hardly wait!

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