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A day later everyone has cooled off, I’ve had a couple of changes of perspective and more determination in one category.

Poolie and Hiss, your assessments were right on target and you’re right: it is not a marriage when there is constant interference by the kids.  The youngest daughter and the baby were literally left without options and will be fine; the son is going, period.  He’s been out for the weekend (another issue – his drinking and crashing here to sleep it off.  G and I both have a problem with that.)  He has been asked to get a place.  If he doesn’t announce he’s found other digs, soon, that will escalate directly to GTFO.

G and I had our time today.  It entailed a short trip, of necessity, but we shared a nice veggie wrap for lunch, did a bit of wandering through Bookman’s and discussed some strategies to get things handled appropriately, in several categories.  (G wandered at Bookman’s, I more sat there soaking in the relative peace of the surroundings.)  I appreciate what G puts up with from my kids and I told him so.  That doesn’t mean it’s acceptable for the kids to continue abusing the fact.

Found out that the move of older son and wife in with his MIL was not of his doing and that in fact he was and is vehemently opposed to it.  I love my DIL dearly, but she is doing her marriage a disservice by not cutting the ties with mommy.  (Yeah I know.  I’m both pot and kettle on this one.)

Gotta give props to my older son for the fact he adores his wife and  son enough to put up with his MIL.  MIL has her own set of issues.  She has saved my kids’ butts more than once but she still has issues. (Don’t we all…)

My uncle (my mom’s lone sibling) phoned me this afternoon to wish me a happy birthday.  He’s the one family member who more or less made it a point to stay in touch after my parents died, and I appreciate it.  I do have cousins of my generation and I have talked to them now and again, just not with any regularity.  My uncle is a Penticostal preacher, so much as I appreciate that he keeps in touch I’m kind of glad he doesn’t live in our proverbial back pockets.  Same goes largely for the cousins.

Just hanging out for the rest of the weekend.  ‘Might become ambitious enough to create a pot of veggie stew.  Maybe.  But no guarantees.

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