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Pennies from Heaven

I’m yawning – God knows why since I slept for a good chunk of the weekend.  Sundays tend to be my “lazy” days, though today it’s so beautiful out my body and brain are rebelling against being closed in.  When we move into our own place I can at least sit outside on the porch and enjoy the gorgeous weather.  Hopefully after surgery I’ll also have the stamina to do more walking.

We had Chinese food a couple of days ago.  Every now and then we eat at a little hole-in-the-wall place called Happy Food.  The decor is pink-painted cement blocks, plastic plants and dollar-store paper Chinese lanterns, but the food is wonderful and the portions are ridiculously huge.  As in, two full meals each huge.  Of course when you have Chinese food you get your traditional fortune cookie.  I scanned mine this week because it made me smile:

Pennies from Heaven

How much fun is that?  I am one of those cheap-assed people who, when I find a penny or nickel on the sidewalk or in the parking lot, I snatch it right up and tuck it into my wallet.  So is G.  We have a coin-sorter at home and coin rollers, so this was a monetary double entendre in my world. I would love it if the “pennies from heaven” turn out to be significantly more than what we find on sidewalks and such, but I’ll accept those pennies in whatever form they arrive.  Even if they’re in multiples of dollars.  Even if they’re multiples of thousands of dollars or more.  I’m flexible that way.

Thanks to a good night’s sleep courtesy of Tylenol PM the knee is also being significantly more kind to me.  All in all a good day.

My next project?  Curling up with a book and being lazy for a few hours.

But before I leave, more house porn.  The following are real snaps from the places we’re going to check out this week.

House 1 (smallest but at first glance possibly the favorite):

Front Living Room

Kitchen Bath

French Doors

I think it’s gorgeous: fireplace, French doors, double sinks in both baths, and hardwood floors throughout.  Some really nice touches and the lower size will spell lower utility bills.   In essence, it’s got all the things already done that we’ll eventually do wherever we move.

House 2 (significantly larger – and I like the low maintenance landscaping front and back)

Front Living Room overlooking Kitchen

Bedroom Back Yard

Both house 2 and house 3 are just over 1600 square feet so a respectable amount of space.  Not quite as many designer touches in this house but a good size, good price.  HOA is way high on house 2 though.

And house 3 – highest cost for the house itself, offset by a lower HOA. The payment is still well within our comfort zone.  Wheelchair accessible (definitely need to consider that possibility). Ugly wallpaper in the kitchen and dining room but that’ll be G’s job – he is already aware, heh.  On the balance maybe the best deal, I just worry about the water costs of keeping the yard green:

Front Kitchen

Kitchen Master Bedroom

Back Yard

The asking prices on these are all within $2500 of each other and the HOA really isn’t that much of a factor.  We’re looking at a payment differential of maybe $20 a month between them.  The way I figure it, any of the above is a win-win situation!

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