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Peas and Queues

I’ve been writing so much about the biz-to-be that I haven’t talked about much else in my world for a while, so thought I’d bank left for a bit. The LLC is official as of today; that’s the extent of the biz news I’ll bore you with for now.

Since Wednesdays & Thursdays are my official “weekends” from my day job, those are the days I get out of town, when possible. When not possible, at least we make staying in town count. Whichever road that entails, hubby normally takes me out for linner – late lunch/early dinner. Given my weird schedule, it works for us. We usually go on a photo shoot, which can literally be anywhere. We’ve taken pictures in the back yard, down the block, and in different parts of the state. Eventually I hope to get out of the state on a longer road trip, if all goes well. However, that ain’t happening while I’m still working the rat-race job.

This morning our community did breakfast – the guys made scrambled eggs, sausage, and pancakes for whoever wanted it. We pay $6 per couple and don’t have to cook. This morning the park’s off-site manager was here too, talking to us about a handful of projects in the works. Among them: some redecorating, as it were. We’re an itty bitty park, no real amenities, and the only real landscaping is a bunch of old-growth trees, plus whatever people are growing in their own yards.

We’ll see if they follow through on fixing the place up a little.

Spousal unit and I then headed into Mesa, which is the official biggest-suburb-in-the-world. We hoped to get some downtown shots – and we did – but it’s kind of an odd place. The coolest thing about the area is a neighborhood of gorgeous old Craftsman-style homes. These places have carefully manicured lawns, ginormous trees, etc. The downside is, unfortunately, that the combination of huge trees and midweek traffic made photographing them nearly impossible. We got a few shots, but it was tough and most of the nicer places were off the proverbial table.

We did stop at our favorite buffet for linner. It’s’ not a 5-star establishment, but we like it and it’s reasonably priced. Hubby and I also get a double discount by going in when we do: both a discount for being seniors and for showing up when their early-bird specials are in force. So we eat well for not a lot of money.

Tomorrow – my “Sunday” – is taken up by doctor’s appointments. Not mine, but the younger daughter’s. She’s scheduled for surgery next week and this is part of a round of pre-op stuff. I’m chauffeur and whatever else comes along. I’m already tired thinking about it, but it’s a necessary evil. Hopefully the outcome of the surgery will be a lot less pain for her. They still haven’t pinpointed 99% of what’s going on, but one certainty is that her extreme boobage is contributing to pain, dislocated vertebrae, and more. So they’re starting with reduction and hoping that will reduce some of the issues they know for a fact IT can cause.

I’ll be carrying reading material and possibly my anacrhonistic iPad. I bought it used and it’s enough to insure I never buy another Apple product. You can’t update the OS and a lot of basic apps reject it because it’s too old. It might be four years old. So it’s thisclose to being an expensive doorstop. I think my next buy may be a chromebook. It’ll still become outdated at the speed of light, but at least it costs less up front AND it’ll let me write to docs loaded into my Google Docs. I don’t give a rat’s backside about games or fancy apps when I’m sitting for hours on end. Just lemme write, already.


  1. Dangerspouse Dangerspouse November 9, 2017

    Are you able to post photos you take here? I’d be curious to see the booba…er, the garden.

    (Oh, and good luck to the daughter. Really.)

  2. Terri Tinkel Terri Tinkel November 9, 2017

    Glad you have a couple of days to let your head clear. Fresh air, a car ride and buffet all sound great. Good luck to your daughter, I hope the surgery helps her to feel better very quickly.

    • leilani leilani Post author | December 5, 2017

      Thanks, Terri. The surgery helped in the long run, but we went through a litany of scary complications for the first couple of weeks.

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