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Peaceful, Easy Cleaning

The above title is with apologies to the Eagles, but it happened to fit the bill.

My desk is only slightly less cluttered than before I started the morning, but that’s okay because I got a LOT accomplished today!  G and I had already agreed to tackle some at-home stuff today.  He definitely does the bulk of the cleaning but has a thing about touching anything he considers my personal space.  That’s basically my desk, my dresser drawers and my purse.   If pressed he’ll clean off my desk but since I get grumbly when he does, I generally tackle it before it gets too bad.  This morning it was pretty bad, have to admit.  The majority of it was paperwork that needed to be filed or otherwise dealt with, mainly in accounts in my name only, things G really couldn’t do for us.

The good news is that I’ve dug through the mountain and you can now see the top of my desk again.  There are a few stragglers (in terms of papers, various cards and coupons, etc.) but overall I’m relieved to have it done.  I even finished the taxes!  Federal filed electronically, state by way of snail mail but it’s already in the outgoing mailbox waiting for pickup.  We owed taxes from prior years so the refund will go toward that.  Fine with me – it means that much less we’ve got to pay.

Whilst I was attacking the paper blizzard, G took on the kitchen, cleaning the fridge, organizing the pantry (both desperately overdue) and in general making it a much more user-friendly place.  After he finished,  I fixed us some unintentionally chunky chicken & rice soup for lunch/dinner (not bad, just a lot thicker than I intended after I added more rice and veggies to offset the saltiness of the mix and give it a bit more oomph.)   There are LOTS of leftovers so we’ll be freezing some for a quick-fix meal a few days from now, sometime when I come home dead.

We also made a quick dash to Big Lots to pick up some cheap imitation wannabe Tupperware to finish up the pantry.  Now that the kids are gone I’m trying to cook healthier. I buy a lot of organic stuff in bulk at a local farmer’s market – things like rice, beans, quinoa, etc. – and bring them home in the same kind of flimsy plastic baggies you use for fresh produce.  That meant a pile of those odd-shaped bags in the corner of a shelf.  It is a mess!  On top of that, the bags have a tendency to fail at the worst possible moment.  We found a half dozen see-through stackable containers with good tight-sealing lids.  G washed them and they’re on the counter drying now.

G also did a couple of loads of laundry; we’ve got clean bedding, my personal nirvana, and G’s going to mop the kitchen floor and finish cleaning in there while I kick back for a bit.  The past few weeks have been killer for me.  I’m REALLY glad for the transfer – the new office is less than 5 miles away, vs. the 20 miles to the current spot.  It gives me back about an hour and a half of life per day, which really adds up.  It’s less wear-and-tear on the car and a lot less wear-and-tear on me!

I have been reading CNN and seeing the mess over Libya and Gadhafi.  Why are we bombing another country, again???  I agree that Libya is a mess, but really, don’t we as a nation have enough blood on our hands?  Gadhafi’s comment is that he’s being attacked by terrorists. Gadhafi is a tyrant and a madman, but I am beginning to wonder if he got the terrorist part right.  Yes, the rebels had asked for assistance.  France is our ally in this assault.  (I won’t even touch that one.)  But still… aren’t we done playing soldier yet?  We’re supposed to be getting out of Iran.  We haven’t even accomplished that and we’re already out throwing our weight into another fight.  I’m sorry – I have sympathy for the freedom fighters in Libya, I just think we should’ve sat this one out.

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