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Party Pooper Scooper

Last night was our office Christmas party – and yes, it was Christmas, vs. Kwanzaa or Hanukkah or whatever.  No big deal as there were definitely not any religious overtones anywhere all night.

I’d called out of work on Friday and frankly didn’t feel like going Saturday; but it’s a big deal to G so I wrapped and taped and medicated and hauled my butt out to a humongous party.

Now y’all may not read my notes elsewhere, but I am most assuredly NOT a party animal.  I don’t enjoy them at best and at worst, hate them.  While I’m not exactly a hermit, neither do I like being hemmed in by a few thousand of my closest colleagues and strangers.  So dragging my ass out was already a massive thing.  The only saving grace is that it’s so big the whole process feels more like dinner theater   The chances are slim to none that you’ll meet up with anyone you know unless you do so by design.  My son and DIL were there and we sat together but that was it.

Last year G sat kind of like a blue-clad lump.  This year I expected more of the same, but noooo.  He wanted to check out every stop in the place.  I was relatively okay for the short trip around the room, but by the time I got to the top of the stairs to use the ladies’ room I was paying dearly.

The knee did fairly well; the breathing part, not so much.

Today I have been hacking and coughing up a lung whenever I’ve attempted to talk.  I called my doctor’s office and got the on-call doc, who was of the utterly useless variety.  I know my body.  I know this cough will linger for months and I WILL miss work if I don’t get it addressed immediately, and this jerk dismissed me completely.  I’m going in to work tomorrow morning because I cannot miss again.  I’m doubly angry because last year I got a flu shot and happily missed out on all this respiratory shit.  This year I tried to get in while the shots were offered at our location and the management nixed it, saying I had to wait until another day – which was not possible for me.

Anyway… only nice thing for me about last night’s party is that G and I had our pictures taken.  One of the poses turned out reasonably well, considering G is physically incapable of a smile when there is a camera in the same room.  It’s a cultural thing, from what I can tell.  Still makes me crazy because when he’s not smiling he could give the Grinch a run for his money.

Today I felt like shit but still had stuff to get done.  The remainder of the night involves me and a book, and that’s all.

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