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Ow Factor

Glad I am that I’m scheduled for surgery this week.  Despite the Yoda-esque sentence structure.

Youngest daughter and grandson were here this weekend: good.  Holding grandson, tripped over toy: bad.  Grandson fine: good.  Knee blown out in the worst way: bad.  Just bought crutches in anticipation of surgery: good.  (Thank God, in fact.)  Can’t take anything but Tylenol, which for me is roughly as useful as a drink of water when it comes to pain control: bad.

Basically I’m hobbling around (or maybe “lurching around” is a better description) a couple of days away from getting this damned thing fixed, hopefully for good.   In the interim I’m trying everything non-oral to get through the next couple of days.  Ice packs, liquid magnesium, warm baths, staying OFF the damned thing much as humanly possible, knee brace (which is agonizing, that one didn’t last long.)  It’s 3:18am now.  I did gulp down Tylenol PM last night, which helped because it knocked me out.  I had hoped it would make a big difference by morning.  At least it DID let me get some sleep, without which I’d be in a lot worse shape.

I really can’t afford to call out from work tomorrow unless there’s simply no alternative.  Unfortunately it’s looking increasingly like I’ll have no choice.  I only have XX days of  PTO available and I know for a fact I have to take the two weeks for surgery.  Grrr….

The house I wanted is gone – pretty sure it was already gone when we went to look at it. G is right: given the upcoming surgery we have GOT to wait to pursue anything else.  I hate when he’s right, heh.  I keep reminding myself that everything happens for a reason and in the right time.  Fortunately another round of homes have opened up in Area 1 where we were looking.  I liked the second area, but the first is a better investment all the way around.  It’s already started to recover from the crash, which Area 2 has not.

This journal has alternated lately between bitch-fest and house porn.  I need to step it up a notch and figure out something new to write.  The plan is during my downtime to WRITE – as in, finish my book.  The thing has taken up enough of my life, time to get it out there!

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