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Out Of This World

Any of you who know me will just shrug your shoulders when I say I’m interested in all things metaphysical and celestial and generally out there.  I have tech-geek-ness embedded in my left butt cheek and nerdiness tattooed between the folds of my gray matter.  I am open to a lot of stuff – even though I most definitely have a stubborn streak and hit my moments of “my way or the highway.”  On a day to day basis my highway runs circles around Jupiter and Mars, with occasional detours to Alpha Centuri and the Orion Nebula.

So you’ll pardon my excitement – and more than a little trepidation – at this article.  It’s hit the nail on the proverbial head; after so many decades of denials, belittling and more where it concerns anyone who believes in extraterrestrials and UFO’s, the tide is shifting mighty fast.

At least it is at the UN.

Not so sure about the last holdout, the US of A, where Fuddy cavorts with Duddy and ostriches aren’t the only ones burying their heads in the sand.

I don’t necessarily subscribe to the nutcases that stand out on mountaintops proclaiming that the Second Coming will arrive at a precise location on a specific date and that Jesus will be holding the reins on his flying saucer – which of course will leave a lot of egg on my face if it happens that way.  I’m more inclined to expect ET to come out of his/her ship, greet our leaders, then go find a nice little hole-in-the-wall spot to get shit faced and play air guitar, shaking his/her oversized head at the stupidity of the human race.  Maybe he/she will do a few rounds of the electric boogaloo and reminisce about the good old days of free love and Beatles songs.

Maybe on our visitors’ world the Beatles were real insects singing.

I suspect Martian karaoke would be interesting, too.

The few scientists who consider the issue are terrified that our celestial neighbors and possibly visitors would blow us away for target practice, which of course is very possible.  But if the lights in the sky are any indication, it’s a bit low key for a full scale invasion, and other than a few non-fatal (far as I know anyway) experiments on the natives it’s  been pretty benign stuff.  IF, of course, UFO sightings have anything to do with aliens and such.

I’m just sayin’.

Quantum physics has already proven that matter at its most basic level is energy, and that we can manipulate that energy by thoughts and expectations.  Of course the scientific community, when smacked in the forehead by such blindingly obvious reinforcement of metaphysical tenets, argues that there’s a difference between manipulating a couple of subatomic particles and manipulating solid mass.

I’m reminded of Star Wars and Yoda’s training on the Force.

Luke [the archetypical Scientist], if you can change the properties of an itty bitty particle with your mind, the only thing keeping you from floating an iron barge is that same mind.  Get a clue.

Life at the asylum goes on as usual.  I’m tired, have a follow up doctor’s appointment Monday during which doubtless I’ll be blown off again, and I’m ready for another vacation (preferably soon.)  But I’m holding off on the vacation as I’m checking into lap band surgery.  I don’t want to do gastric bypass if there’s another alternative but my health issues are approaching critical mass (literally and figuratively speaking.)  I’ve got an appointment with a weight loss clinic in early November.  It’s either that or allow myself to become fully disabled, which isn’t really a luxury I can afford either.  You know what happens to work horses shortly after they’re put to pasture.

Neigh.. er, nay to that.

As you’ve probably gathered, I’m in a bizarre mood.  Not particularly depressed, not manic, just a bit of “meh” mixed with some moderate “cool beans.”  I’m a bit grumpy because I’m sleepy, and I’m happy because it’s the weekend.  Give me time and I’ll probably hit all seven dwarves.  I already got Sneezy covered earlier today.

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