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Organized Chaos

We’re down to the wire on the move, but nearly done. We’re moving the last out of our things today and going to be staying at the DIL’s house, hopefully for no more than a couple of weeks (if that) while we get a mobile and rehab it. I chose direct deposit for the house proceeds, which should help expedite things. Much as I love my DIL and grandsons, we don’t want to live with them for any longer than necessary.

My daughter in law is a doll. My son is currently out of the picture, thanks to some atrocious life choices. He said he’s getting his act together. I hope he does, but not holding my breath. Went through this with his dad 20 odd years ago.

When in the same room the boys fight and scream nonstop. DIL is also living with her mother. Mama has kept them afloat financially for years and I’m grateful for it. Unfortunately that mama also needs to be in assisted living. She’s not safe to drive, can’t cook or clean for herself any more, and generally is not self sufficient. She’s also not terribly rational. It’s not dementia; she’s always been this way, for as long as I’ve known her, coming up on 20 years.

So yeah – lots of incentive to get our butts outta there asap.

In addition to the standard rehab of whatever place we ultimately buy – flooring, paint, repairs, etc. – I am hoping we can get at least one solar panel installed. We can buy a 100-watt panel for under $200, possibly under $150. We’ll have to also get a power management panel, battery, and someone who knows how to safely and professionally integrate it into the electrical system, but I imagine we can get that done for a reasonable price, too. Lower electric bills is a given; but also it would potentially keep us up and running in the event of a power outage, at least if we cut it back to just the essentials. As time goes on I suspect we’ll see more rolling blackouts. This would be our insurance policy against them.

It’s currently too much of a stretch to go 100% off the grid, but we can put a dent in the grid, anyway.

Still hoping to get a place with a swamp cooler vs. AC. It’s not quite as cool during periods of high humidity, but overall it’s livable and it’s SO much cheaper to operate and maintain.

If things work out like we hope and believe they will, I’ll probably turn all this insanity into a book. Being debt free is all well and good, but you still have to have some income. We’ve got a few projects going. Some of them I knew up front were a waste of time, but G insisted I jump through the hoops. I did, and they’re doing a whole lot of nothing, as expected. To be fair, my ideas aren’t moving any faster. I’ve gotten a few bucks from them and still have billing out for more, but the vast riches are taking their sweet time about rolling in.

And I still keep forgetting to win the lottery. Maybe I’ll remember this week.

That’s only half joking, by the way. While packing, I found lottery tickets from January that I never checked. We don’t buy lottery tickets often, and we’ve got so much going on at any given time that I can’t remember my own name some days.

Going to try and get another hour or so o sleep before tackling the last day of moving – for a couple of weeks.



  1. Terri Tinkel Terri Tinkel July 28, 2016

    Hope you get that place you were writing about…..can’t wait to hear the next bit of news.

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