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On The Run

I’m not running from anything or anyone, just on the run all day getting things done.  We were out and about early this morning to pick up some staples from Target.  I’d forgotten to get more sugar, we were out of eggs and so on.  It was early enough the place wasn’t packed with holiday shoppers, so we were in and out quickly.  We could’ve hit the grocery stores but frankly Target’s closer and cheaper for the few things we needed.

When back home I fixed us a big breakfast, bacon and eggs and home fries.  It’s a rare treat these days with my cholesterol levels, but I’m taking my pills and otherwise being more or less responsible with my eating choices.  I’m allowed one meal a week that includes egg yolks and since I haven’t had even that for weeks I felt like it was worth it to splurge this morning.

After breakfast G and I did some cleaning and tidying around the house, little stuff we’d normally have kept up but with the kids here it’s nearly impossible.  Here’s hoping they actually do move out mid January like they plan.  I love my daughter and after the initial butt-hurt she and I talked.  She totally gets why I said the boyfriend has to go and the only hard feelings are between G and the boyfriend.  That said, I’m probably as jazzed as G is to be getting the house back to ourselves.  It’s quieter, less stressful, cleaner, we eat more healthy meals and I don’t get hit up constantly for taxi service.  I generally decline taxi service but doesn’t make it any more peaceful when I do!

Freecycle was nice to us this weekend.  We had old school televisions, the tube kinds so old they don’t have closed captioning.  I also told the daughter that when they were ready to move out we’d try to find them a second television since the boyfriend is a sports addict who has no concept of sharing resources.  So when we found a 32″ TV for free, even though it was old school, it had closed captioning and I was tickled pink to get it.  The kids are moving to a small space so the 23″ we had before will be a good fit for them.  Both sets work fine, it was just the extra bonus points for the closed captioning.

I definitely have some issues with my hearing.  Think of it along the same line as vision issues.  I can hear but the words are “blurry” to me.

G and I took Ye Puppy of Doggy to the dog park this afternoon.  Sadly, Ye Puppy of Doggy took exception to the other dogs at the public park so our trip was short lived.  While out, though, we stopped and did some minor car stuff (air in the tires, got a quart of oil, etc.) and then made a stop to pick up a couple of necessities I couldn’t get at Target earlier in the day.  I also remembered this trip to pick up some LocTite, which I have employed to try and hold my glasses together for a few more weeks.  It won’t be a permanent solution, obviously, but I’m up for new specs next month.  So far, so good.  Wish me luck.

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