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Old Times, New Times

I’m glad it’s still the weekend, even though I did indeed work four hours of OT today.  It’s a long haul across town and I might have considered a longer shift if one had been offered.  Then I would have come to my senses and scaled it back to what I did this morning.

After I got home I did some beta-reading for a friend of mine.  Her name is Lisagh and she is one of my first online friends, going way, way back.  (A few years before I started reading Poolie, even, and that was back in ’03.)  We both have a chronic case of the writer’s bug, and reconnecting was just what the writing doctor ordered.

We’re reading and correcting each other’s manuscripts, which is FRIGGING AWESOME.  Not only do I get a new perspective on the crappy bits I couldn’t figure out how to word, but I also don’t get away with excuses for not writing.  We used to kick each other into writing gear going way back, so it’s been both nostalgic and positively medicinal (at least from the authorship standpoint) to get the point-counterpoint going again.  She doesn’t buy into my excuses and I don’t buy into hers.  There’s a definite advantage to being long-time friends, ha!

We have very, very different styles.  Our stories are from different worlds – literally so, in this case.  She writes modern romance; I am currently hammering out the final revisions of a fantasy.  (My normal venue is suspense, though, and that’s been woven into my fantasy world.  I do like to throw in something to make your skin crawl, now and again.)  I learned a lot of stupendously helpful tips from a pro editor several years ago and have learned to use them in my writing, but still have to dig through the occasional layer of rambling or downright stupidity to pull out something worth putting to the page.  Lisagh pulls the BS out and redlines every careless word for me.

I love it.  It’s a total pain in the ass and I still love it.

I even love it enough to go digging through and post one of my old online signatures.  I made this thing back when and it’s still one of my favorites.

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