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Ok… He was right and I was wrong. Sort of

I had to steal this title from H2ophobic.  Whatever else is true, I give credit where credit is due.  (Including to my spouse and my fellow bloggers!)

Turns out the tire was indeed fixable and since we were a Diss Count Tire customer it didn’t cost a penny to get it repaired.  Still doesn’t change the grief of driving on a tire I didn’t trust for nearly a week.  I’m just glad it’s fixed now.  I am still inclined to keep a can of Fix-a-Flat in the car for emergencies.

Otherwise I was wondering why the heck I got a check from my insurance company.  They apparently only covered about a quarter of the little battery powered pain machine for my knee, a cheap piece of plastic that rang up at $1100.  Truthfully if it came down to it I could probably pay the majority of the bill from my FSA, but I’m trying not to cut TOO deeply into that.  I know we have G’s monthly prescriptions to cover and we need to get a new BP machine for G.  I have a couple of other little odds and ends to take care of.  But worst-case scenario I could pay off about 3/4 of the bill between the reimbursement check and the FSA, and pay the rest off in payments.

Cheap plastic or not, it is SO worth it for the pain relief.  When all else fails, that little sucker works like a charm.

I cracked up at Joanie’s comment on Poolie’s blog.  She talked about always picking pennies up because it reminded her of her dad.  I do the same thing, albeit for different reasons.

Back when I was married to the kids’ dad, I was the only one working.  (Some things never change.)  I worked my ass of for a nice tidy sum of $4 an hour, to support a family of six, back in the late 1980’s.  The kids’ dad, then my husband, viewed change with contempt and made it a point to flick any penny he found – onto the road, out of a window, even into the trash.  Hey, he didn’t earn it so what did he care?

In contrast, I would pick up change and taught my kids to do the same.  It was invariably those coins that D (the kids’ dad) raided to buy cigarettes when he ran out.  I still pick up change, as much to be the anti-D as anything else, but it’s also free money.  Actual free money, not the kind where you pay a small fortune to some crazy nerd-dude wearing a suit covered in question marks.

Speaking of free stuff – Staples offers you $2 back for every ink cartridge you turn in.  (Used to be $3 each until a couple of months ago.)  We’d racked up a bunch of empties, and on top of that I’d racked up a year’s worth of click-ology on and had collected a $25 Staples gift card.  Between them we had $67 which we used to buy a $200 printer/scanner/copier/fax that had been marked down to $75.  It was last year’s model, which is still a vast improvement over our old printers, considering I’ve had mine since 2002 and G’s is probably comparable or even older!  We figured after that we’d indulge in the $15 it took for a 2-year warranty that promised if this little puppy ever stops printing like new it gets replaced.

I kid you not when I tell you we’re cheap, but get some killer deals!

The MyPoints thing is annoying but I send it to my Yahoo junk mail and sift through it. If you sign up don’t bother with the surveys.  No matter how many questions you answer you’re ALWAYS told you don’t qualify.  When I am looking to buy something I can’t get on the cheap, though, I’ll look through their affiliated sites so I can get points for it.

Our bank also recently took over Visa rewards, and with our current rental arrangement I can (and will) pay our rent online so will get that credit accordingly too.  Ditto for most of our utilities.  I hope to see a $100 Visa gift card by year’s end as a result of that.  It’s all about smart shopping, even when you’re talking the basics.

We hit the outlet mall last night and I not only found bras that fit, at about a third less than I normally pay – but they also had a “buy 2 get the third for $1” sale going on.  HELL yes I got three.  It’s so frigging awesome to have something that actually does FIT!!  My others were disintegrating fast.  I wasn’t going to spend it but G kinda glared at me and dragged me along.  He pointed out (correctly) that when he needs something I see to it that he gets it and it was past time I did the same for myself.

Okay, I need to head out.  Gotta go pick up an office chair for the kidlets, then do the chiro thing, and on the way back we plan to get the BP meter at Wally World.  Fun fun!

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