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Oh Sheet

It’s been a couple of months(-ish) since we bought the new bed.  It’s been far longer that we’ve realistically needed new sheets.  A couple of years back I bought one of those high-thread-count sheet sets at the equivalent of the swap meet, just happened to be at work.  And they were and are, hands down, the crappiest, cheapest, most pathetic excuse for bed linens I’d ever seen.  If they were any thinner fabric I’d say they were the origin of the Emperor’s New Clothes fairy tale.  But when we bought the new bed they were the only sheets we had deep enough to accommodate the new mattress, so we dug the things out of storage and put them to what I euphemistically call “use.”

I think they started to disintegrate within a month.  By now they’re ripped and torn all to heck, to the point of being functionally useless.  I finally bit the bullet and ordered a cotton sateen set from Wally World’s .com.  They were expected at the end of the week but fortunately arrived early.  Had I not turned off the sound on my phone I’d have known they were in yesterday.  As it was, we did a quick run to pick them up this afternoon and they’re now in the washer.  (I wash everything before using it, provided it’s a washable item.)  The Wally World entry isn’t great quality either but it definitely beats the raggedy shit we have on the bed right now.

Is it just me or have all bed linens gone south over the past few years?  I absolutely love a good crisp percale sheet, one thicker than a sheet of tissue paper.  Love the feel against my skin.  All cotton, with enough weight that you don’t have to worry about putting your toe through the fabric when you turn over in your sleep, please.  Yeesh.  I’m going to be watching for the white sales after Christmas this year, thank you very much, and probably going to go hunting somewhere I can check the material out of the packaging.  Anybody know if Sears and JC Penney have anything worth bringing home these days?  Or are they as cheap and flimsy as everybody else?  I don’t mind spending a bit more for good sheets but seriously – even the expensive stuff I’ve checked out lately has been pure crap.

My darling kids were kind enough to share their ick-ness with me.  Sore throat: check.  Stomach queasy: check.  Bleh.  Probably why I’m in such a bitchy mood.

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