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Oh Bleary Night

I bit the bullet and tackled a couple of things today that have been force-feeding my stress, and hopefully will get them wrapped up for good in the very near future.  So far my efforts fall under the category of “making a dent” rather than giant steps, but I’ll take what I can get along these lines.

Despite getting kicked out of work early yesterday – only worked about 3 hours, at holiday pay – I’m dragging butt today.  I slept ALL.  DAY.  after coming home yesterday, so hopefully things will even out a bit by this weekend.

I didn’t post much about Christmas this year.  We rallied the troops for Christmas Eve, since I had to work Christmas day and we never know how many hours we’ll work on holidays.  (I worked all day.)  We do get holiday pay whether we’re there or not, and as a result get double-time for the hours we actually put in at the office.  Thank God for it; as exhausted as I am, between that and other issues, I’m grateful to be employed and grateful that despite working on the holidays, I enjoy what I do for a living.  And I have vacation time available to me and intend to take some of it in the very near future, if for nothing more than the sake of my sanity.

It was the first time in at least ten years that all the kids were at my house for Christmas.  There were presents for the littlest munchkins and the rest of us settled for a buffet a la pot luck.  My older son never, ever asks me for anything but this year asked me to make divinity.  With all the cooking I’d done over the years, that was my one holdout, never made it before.  I’m happy to say it was a lot simpler than I’d been led to believe!

It was peaceful overall, with the two littlest walkers contained by a generous play yard so parents could say more than, “No, no, [child’s name]!  Don’t touch that!”

My younger daughter asked me to repost something on Facebook for her, so guess I need to get to it.  Her youngest, the little guy who lives with us, has Cystic Fibrosis, and she will be working a CF walk in April of this year.  She’s asking for donations to the cause.  It’s a nasty disease and unfortunately a lot more prevalent than most people realize.

Meanwhile, our shortest resident here is now spouting both English and Spanish, which is likely to expand to include German in the near future.  Daughter will be taking a class in German this semester and G will be helping her – he speaks with a reasonable amount of fluency, though he says his French is stronger.  Bet me the munchkin picks it up too.  Little Boy still favors math things and is all about interacting with the TV shows, shouting out answers.  A lot of his answers are wrong – he knows his numbers and learning his shapes, but still hasn’t caught on to size relationships (which is bigger/more and which is smaller/less.)  Given that he’s 19 months old I’m not terribly worried about it, heh.

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