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Officially Unofficial

It’s over.

I walked out of work for the last time today. It was necessary and overall I’m very calm at the prospect, but let’s face it – being unemployed, regardless of the circumstances, is a scary prospect. G is understandably panicked about medical coverage, since his heart meds are outrageously expensive, never mind the fact that the US government has decided to blackmail you into kowtowing to the insurance companies. We’ll have to find a way to pay for insurance, no matter how exorbitant the extortion premiums.

After his first wave of panic wore off, fortunately, G was already looking for work options. I get his concerns. At our age and with our health issues, it’s equally challenging to try to navigate a job market that’s at best dicey. G is now 60 years old and has NOT been cleared to work at a regular job yet. I’m disabled and it’s unrealistic for me to pretend I’m going to be doing another 9 to 5 experience. However, nothing precludes building our own business. Between us we’ve got the ability to do some pretty specialized things and monetize them, without doing something that further endangers our health. We’ve already been working for months to brainstorm business concepts. It’s still not 100% cooked but we’re well into the process.

I have some projects I’m going to fast-track over the next week or so, and this was literally about the best possible timing for things overall.

I truly am calm about this. Having gone through so much Hell in my life, I’ve learned that while we may well have some tight times, things will work out and we’ll be fine.

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