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Officially Official

We got the actual word today that our application was accepted for the new place.  Not a big surprise there, other than the fact that it took so long to get it through.  So looks like we’ll do the rental thing for another year after all.  By this time next year, by hook or by crook, we should be wrapping things up for ownership.

Glancing at the clock and allowing it’s just past midnight, guess technically I should say “yesterday” we got the word.  Either way, it’s a done deal.

Today I swore I wouldn’t spend anything that wasn’t life-and-death necessity.

I lied.

Well, I sort of lied; I spent $100 on groceries and gas money, and another $8 or thereabouts on a combination of things from the thrift store that while not technically essentials, were also not frou-frou.  We’re talking about three bars of unopened bath soap for 75¢, a divided dish to replace the one my darling daughter demolished a while back, and a smallish corner display shelf that accounted for $3.25 of my total.  Well, and a couple of books G found.  The books I think accounted for maybe $1, $1.50, something like that.  Considering it had been about 3-4 weeks since I’d really done any serious grocery shopping, I think we got off pretty cheap on that score, too.

I also sprung for a quick trip to Taco Bell.  Yeah, I know.  What a terrible spendthrift, eh?

Pictures will be forthcoming soon as we get moved in.  I am trying to convince the masses (Mass One and Mass Two, Dr. Seuss style) that really we will ultimately use the fireplace as a fireplace, and that it is NOT ideal to situate the television.  Not sure how successfully that’ll work out but gotta give it my best shot.  Any bets that I’ll win before it’s all over?  I’m betting on me because let’s face it: she who brings home the bacon also wields the frying pan AND the rolling pin.  And I know how to use ’em.

I did something seriously outrageous a few days back: caught up in FB with my high school (and Junior High and college, for that matter) crush.  I’m not looking to rekindle anything because even back then he considered myself my brother.  [Besides, y’all already know what happened when hubby and I were separated.  I found out the grass is only greener because it’s covered with slime and mold.]  When my college BF was a total yutz, this guy offered to beat the shit out of [by then] ex-BF on my behalf.  Lucky for my unwitting ex-BF I declined the offer.  This guy was one big order of gorgeous on a stick and truth be told he still is, if his FB picture is any indication.

Now I’ll grant you, that alone should be adequate reason to hate him.  What self-respecting fifty-something still looks genuinely hot?  I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.  He probably can’t help it, and you can’t hold it against him if it’s not something he can control.  Damn him.

All right, the Tylenol PM is kicking in and I’m going to try once more to get some sleep.  Wish me luck!

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