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O’dark Thirty and All Is Sniffly

It really is too early to be awake, but here I am.  I actually woke about 4:30 this morning, thanks to this little niggling thing called breathing.  Or more accurately, the lack thereof.

While this holiday was in many ways wonderful, my darling husband and daughter shared one thing with me I could have done without: a cold.  Now I haven’t been miserably ill, nothing like that.  Just stuffy and sniffly and scratchy of throat.  Which unfortunately messed with my sleep patterns mightily the last couple of days.  When by all rights I should’ve luxuriated in the ability to sleep in, I was instead awake before my alarm typically goes off for work.  Gah!

One thing actually pleases me about this bout with the bug: so far I’ve kept the worst of things largely at bay thanks to herbal means, rather than gulping down a lot of pharmaceuticals.  No Sudafed or its ilk for me.  I discovered the power of oregano oil about  a month or so ago and for me it has been nothing short of a miracle.  I’ve had a chronic cough my entire life.  It was inherited from my dad and passed on to at least one of my children.  I’d taken allergy meds, shots, even had my sinuses vacuumed out (and countless associated nosebleeds as a result.)  I’ve done the Neti Pot, which helped a bit but didn’t last more than an hour or two. Nothing helped in the long run, and plenty of the remedies were worse than the disease.

When I started taking the oregano oil consistently, however, the cough evaporated completely.  Poof!  Gone, within just a couple of days.  I could breathe like a normal person! I hardly knew how to feel!

Someone told me this stuff will even cut through strep throat.  I wouldn’t count on it to that degree; but if you’re prone to upper-respiratory creeping crud, it’s well worth the investment.  I look at it this way:  I’ve invariably missed work every year due to laryngitis, always as a result of the snifflies taking my immune system for a ride.  It cost me $20 for a bottle of this stuff, which is WAAAAY less than it would cost me to miss even one day’s work.  One bottle has lasted me around 2 months so far and I’ve still got about a third of a bottle left.  Throw in the luxury of the cough that went away and it’s a bargain at twice the cost.

The taste doesn’t thrill me.  Actually it’s kind of hot (in a spicy way) and tastes chemical-ish.  But not enough so that I’ll forgo it and take back the allergies!

JusticeI’m going to pick up my granddaughter later this morning and we’ll be spending the day together.  The tentative plans are to take her to see the new Disney movie, The Princess and the Frog.  I have read both good and bad about the movie.  Detractors charge that there are too many stereotypes, but this is Disney, after all.  And overall the feedback from the black community has been fairly positive.

My beautiful granddaughter is mixed race, so I for one am tickled to death the movie moguls finally got with the program and offered little girls a heroine of color.

Thanks to a nice hot bath (steam does wonders against the snifflies) and another dose of the oregano oil, bolstered with some hot tea, I am almost able to breathe again.  That being the case, I am going to grab something quick to eat, then lie down for another hour or two before going to pick up the little one.

As you can see, she really is our family’s little princess!  The roses are for her placing well in gymnastics.  A very active princess!

Well, G is now awake and Ye Puppy of DoggsTM is jostling for “quality time” on my lap, so I am going to sign off for the moment.  Aforementioned Puppy was a hoot and a half for Christmas.  We got him some goodies for Christmas, too, including a stocking from the dollar store, stuffed with a couple of toys and some treats.  It took him exactly ONE example to catch on that the goodies were his, and he was dancing around like a whirling dervish while we opened things up for him.  I wish I’d thought to get a picture of THAT!

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