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OD on OT

I agreed to put in a few extra hours on one of my days off, which in theory should translate into an extra few bucks on my next regular check.  It was supposed to only be five hours so I skipped my break, and since it was only five hours we weren’t given a lunch break.

Then at 00 hour (as in, time for us to head off into the proverbial sunset) we were asked to stick around for another hour.  I figured what the hey – might as well.  I wouldn’t have but since I’m scheduled for an extra day off Tuesday it will be a relatively easy week anyway.  It was a “free” day, as all OT days are, which means that not only do I get to ignore quotas and such, but anything I accomplish gets added into my overall numbers as though they’d been accomplished flat-out with no extra time added.  So I get overtime on the hourly and all the bonus stuff that goes with.

Oh – and did I mention that since we’re buried and in lieu of mandatory OT the boss is giving away stuff to people who work 30+ voluntary hours of OT over the next few weeks?  Top prize is a big screen TV (to me anyway – think it’s 42″ or thereabouts.)  There will also be a bunch of smaller but still respectable goodies.  I don’t remember it all.

Of course after spending yesterday putzing around with my sister, I had to do the grocery thing this afternoon, and by the time we were done with that I was beat.  I was also ravenous.  I’d grabbed McD’s on the way home, the cheapest thing on the menu.  Not enough for a 10-hour marathon, though.  (Counting drive time both ways it was about 10.5 hours including the grocery run.)  We grabbed some cheap take-out pizza and pretended it wasn’t skimpy cheese and veggies atop a piece of cardboard.  Oh well, I have easy-cook stuff for the rest of the week: stuff for taco salad, chicken and stuffing (dump it into a casserole, turn on the oven and walk away for a  hour) and stuff for split pea soup.  I’m not especially a fan of the soup but it’s G’s favorite.   Though we are discussing a trade in and doing bean soup instead.  We have the wherewith to do either one, and either one is pretty simple: put beans/peas in pot, add water, chopped-up ham, salt, pepper, a little oil, turn on low and forget about it except to check water levels.

I can handle that.

Tuesday I have a doctor’s  appointment at which they’re supposed to remove the mole at the end of my nose.  I have hated it for years; when I say at the end of my nose, I mean at the END of my nose.  As in, at the outer rim of my nostril, right at the tip.  I could deal when it was just ugly as sin, figuring I couldn’t really do anything about it anyway.  But when it recently sprouted a Siamese twin I decided to take it to the doctor, who declared it’s gotta go.  Yay!  That means insurance pays.  Someone commented that it would leave a scar.  I was like, “Really – are you LOOKING at this fooker?  Do you really think a scar is gonna bother me in the least if it’s a trade off with Molezilla???”

So I’m kinda jazzed about that.  I’ll have a red nose for a while, whoopity do.  I will have a couple of stitches.  Again, big whooping deal.  I’ll be rid of the Wicked Witch of the West’s trademark.

Terri commented yesterday about scoring no great deals at Goodwill.  We don’t bother with Goodwill.  It’s rare or impossible to find anything there that I’d bring home, much buy.  Goodwill is also ridiculously overpriced.  More than once we found stuff selling used and in terrible condition, with a price tag higher than new!

We frequent St. Vincent de Paul (which has a policy of providing free clothing to anyone in genuine need; all they have to do is ask.)  We also check out several small  independent spots.  My favorite is Gracie’s Thrift.  They’re a church-based spot but they’re clean, they rarely offer things that are outright junk (unlike Goodwill) and their prices are consistently more in keeping with what you’d expect for used merchandise.  I really love the local LDS thrift store.  It’s clean and organized, with enough room to move between the racks and sorted by size, style, even color!  We’ve found some excellent deals there.  Bonus points because you will never, ever see kids running wild through the store.  You will see moments of kids being kids, but there are always parents nearby who aren’t afraid to say “Stop that right now.”  And make it stick.

When we were in Payson we hit the hospital thrift store.  Again: clean, eclectic so hit-and-miss for what you’d find but overall vastly better quality and better prices than Goodwill.

A latent add-on to support what I said about the shooting incident in Tucson:  read this article.  It’s ostensibly one person’s opinion.  It just happens to be accurate.  Trouble is that now the zombie government is national, not just local.  There’s nowhere to run so for a lot of people I’m betting it’ll turn to open fighting.

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