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Nose of the Tiger

Attention,  ladies and gentlemen: Molezilla has left the building.  I repeat, Molezilla has left the building.  I have a stitch or two in a spot where no bandaid will stick, and I could care less, heh.  Even with a big scab on the end of my nose, ♫ I feel pretty, oh so pretty!  ♫   The stitches come out Tuesday and will be followed in a few months by the elimination of Molezilla’s sidekick, Mini Mole.  Dr. Prettyface* said it would take time to grow enough new skin to stitch up after Mini Mole.  Molezilla sucked up a hefty chunk of real estate in relationship to its surroundings.

The day off was a crazy race.  I did the mole snip-n-stitch early, was home before 9am; then G and I drove a bit to pick up our alternative to his homemade bench.  We found something on Craigslist that we both liked and was just this side of free, and picked up several ACTUAL freebies (including a brand new pair of binoculars and a stuffed tiger.)  We got back in time to grab a quick lunch, then I did my follow up visit with my regular doc.  My cholesterol numbers were good – BP not so great but not yet cause for meds.  All things considered it’s probably more situational than anything else.

After Doctor’s Visit #2, picked G up again and toodled over to a car dealership, this one where Salesman Trick* promised me faithfully they could do miracles with our budget.  I don’t know if they lied or not.  We didn’t stick around long enough to find out.  They dicked around trying to figure out who was on first until G and I just walked out in disgust.

I definitely wanted newer wheels than what we’re using, but damned if I was taking on fifty-zillion years of payments that’ll keep us perpetually one sick day away from the poorhouse.  I dictated that we have XX to put down and can pay XX per month and what they could do with themselves if they came back and tried to throw anything higher at me.  I was happy to look at any reasonable vehicle after being told they could do it – only they lost our credit app, which is the whole reason I submitted it BEFORE WE WENT.  I was painfully, explicitly clear by phone and email that right now my time is a huge premium, I only had one day off, during which I only had a couple of hours free, and I didn’t want to sit in uncomfortable chairs in a glass house while they took out their brains and played with them for the entire afternoon and evening.  Adding insult to injury, they didn’t even bother offering to show us a car while we were there.  They spent at least an hour looking for the credit report they’d already supposedly gotten approved.  G and I looked at each other, shook our heads and Just Said No.  After we drove away the sales manager called frantically and asked if he could run the numbers again; tempted as I was to tell him to stick it where the sun didn’t shine, I gave him the info.  Never heard back from him again.  I know it’s not because they couldn’t get a loan approved, so I have to assume they just didn’t want to sell us anything.

You know what?  Not only are we okay with that but I’m actually damned near ecstatic.  It turned out to be one of those blessing-in-disguise things.

When we got home G did a little fact-finding and discovered a nearby dealer with several vehicles at about a third the price of what we’ve seen to date.  They’re on the average two or three years older and have correspondingly higher mileage, granted, but still represent a giant step forward in terms of what we’re driving now.  Bonus points because unlike absolutely everything else we’ve seen so far, the ones we scheduled an appointment see tomorrow have the only three things I consider indispensable: automatic transmission, AC and cruise control.  No dealer in Arizona would offer a vehicle without AC, thank God, but so far we’ve seen a mishmash of standard transmissions and cruise-less wheels.  Hello…  is it really that hard to meet only THREE requirements??  Especially when you’re highballing the price as part of the process???

So despite mighty disgusted when we drove home this afternoon, we’re happy as clams if it results in a better deal tomorrow.

Progress, boys and girls… progress….

*Names may or may not have been changed to protect the guilty.

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