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No Great Shakes

Living in the Seattle/Vancouver area?  Or for that matter along the western coastal areas of the US and Canada?  Might want to consider a trip inland.  There was a 5.7 quake off the coast of BC about an hour ago and a 4.3 companion southward off the coast of Oregon roughly half an hour earlier.  That doesn’t count the swarm of teeny ones in the 2-3 range in the region over the past few hours.

Scientists have been warning for a while that the Cascadia Subduction Zone along the Juan de Fuca plate is overdue for a nasty quake, one on par with the monsters that hit Japan last year and the one that hit Indonesia in ’04.  The concern is that this particular fault line is capable of launching a catastrophic shaker magnitude 9 or greater.

Of course, a bigger temblor smacked the region in September of last year and nothing more substantial occurred as a result.  And we’re outside of the 14-month cycle of episodic tremors.  The last would have been October-ish.  Ditto out of sync for the moon’s perigee, also theoretically a factor in big quakes.  Despite some very vocal scoffing by the scientific community that there’s no correlation, most massive quakes happened during a “Super Moon” phase of perigee.  The Japanese quake last year included.  Correlation doesn’t necessarily equal causation, but neither should it be arbitrarily dismissed when we pretty much don’t have a clue what pulls the trigger on big quakes.  We know they’re the result of plate tectonics, or at least that’s what we know given our current technology and observations and theories.  We don’t know how to measure the tipping point that lets it all rip.

Of course the whole thing could be a big bottle of nuttin’, too.  Progress or not, we don’t have the foggiest idea how to really predict a quake.  Is today’s 5.7 a pre-quake to a big one or is it the big one in a moderate swarm?  Is a swarm of little quakes the indication that the monster’s about to rip, or are they letting off the steam it takes to make sure the monster DOESN’T rip for a while longer?  Depending on who you ask, any or all of the above could be true.

Went with the daughter unit to the mall because she wanted photos made of her son.  They had a smoking deal on a package and can’t say I blame her.  Unfortunately the photographer was so cut-rate their entire waiting room consisted of a receptionist at her desk and three folding chairs.  I decamped and headed two doors down to a store in the process of closing.  They weren’t going out of business, just moving a few miles and didn’t want to convey what was left of their inventory.  As a result, I made a nice killing on a pair of dress trousers and blouse.

Despite the fact that I still look very much like a beached whale, I’ve lost enough weight that my clothing is starting to become an issue.  Of the pants I owned only 3 pair fit, and one of those was pushing the limits.  Another five pounds and they’ll fall off.  Which is a good thing, don’t get me wrong – but I was definitely overdue for a revamp.  I recently bought a new pair that was a size smaller.  Unfortunately I bought them without trying them on first.  It was a kind of happy-unhappy moment to find out they were also too large.  So this time I tried on, I bought, and am muchly pleased with the fit.  And since they’re going to be sticking around until the 18th at the store, I am DEFINITELY going to buzz back through this week when I get paid.  I could’ve bought myself an entire wardrobe there for under $200 and it would’ve been the better quality stuff, to boot.  Today I spent $25 on what would’ve normally cost me well over $100.

Our newest grandbaby put in an appearance this week, too.  I will hopefully get some photos tomorrow and get them posted shortly after.  We weren’t expecting him for another two and a half weeks, which left his mommy stressed over her job situation, but hopefully she contacted her manager and got things covered.  Had baby waited for his due date she would’ve qualified for FMLA.  Since she was just under the wire for her 1-year anniversary I don’t know how they’ll work it out.

Time for me to wrap this up for the moment.  The fibro has been brutal for the past couple of weeks and it’s exacerbated by stress.  Even though overall it’s been good stress, it’s still taken a big toll on my body and I’m going to take advantage of a few hours’ peace to stretch out with a book and the TV remote.

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