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Well we didn’t get gorgeous house #1, and may allow house #2 to go by the wayside.  Another home came open today and it’s a bit more positive.  Could still be snapped up by someone paying cash – we simply can’t compete with that – but the starting price point is lower and we have more of a cushion to go up, as needed.

G and I actually like this place better in some respects than the showplace.  It has wood floors throughout the main living areas, only slightly fewer square feet, and stainless appliances.  I know stainless is the big fashion trend now.  I don’t particularly like it – give me black or white, please.  Stainless shows every fingerprint, every bump, every spot and so on.  It’s effectively a mirror.

But G loves stainless so if it makes him happy, I can live with it.

Nice looking place, eh?  Given the way short sales are going (and yes, this is a short sale) we are still taking a multi-offer approach.  I talked to Mortgage Dude today and he warned me that until we pin something down we have to pretty much make searching a full-time job.  For the moment it’s still considered a buyer’s market due to pricing and interest rates.  But with so MANY buyers, it’s downright cutthroat and plenty of homes are sold on the first one or two days they’re offered.  It’s rare for a property to go unsold for more than a week unless the seller sets a specific time frame for offers or unless the place is a real dump.  And even the dumps are moving these days.

I’m philosophical about the house where we lost the bid. I loved it on paper.  I’m not sure I’d have ever really felt like it was home.  I’d have given it a try, of course.

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