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New Stuff and Counting

Dining setYay!  We did score the dinette set we wanted and it turned out to be even better than we’d hoped!

While the picture only shows 2 chairs, there are four.  The whole thing is pub height so we tucked the other two against our breakfast bar to make better use of space.  The set is like brand new and came originally from Pier 1.  (It’s stamped into the bottom in several places.) If y ‘all know anything about Pier 1, you know their furniture isn’t cheap either in cost or construction.

I could live without the ultrasuede cushion covers, but that’s a minor thing and easily remedied.  Either G or I could recover them in a snap, and new fabric from the outlet store up the street would run maybe $10 if that for enough to do all four chairs.

Yes, G can do almost any kind of repairs to furniture.  He could, if push came to shove, probably reupholster anything, though I wouldn’t foist an armchair or sofa on him.  I reupholstered an armchair once and it’s a bitch.  G’s dad had a furniture making business and his grandfather made furniture back in the days when things were still handmade, so recovering chair cushions is nothing to G.

Needless to say, we’re very happy with the new dinette.  G and I were both talking under our breath when we picked it up, afraid we’d be overheard and they’d change their minds, either ask more money or decide not to part with it at all.  We only paid $40 for the whole she-bang.  Most of the stuff we’d seen, people wanted a couple of hundred for dining room sets from the 70’s, scratched and wobbly and upholstered in burnt orange.

Someone just picked up our freebie set – as soon as we brought the new one home, I posted the other set on Craigslist and had a whole lot of responses in very little time.  I might have been able to sell it but to be honest, figured it was better to pay it forward in this case, so we gave it away.  The man who picked it up was very happy with it.

Shabby chicI remember it well – when you’re just starting out ANYTHING is welcome, and what we had – wobbly and teensy and all – was still cute, shabby chic.  Yes that IS the picture at right.  The set needed a little TLC but was definitely not the worst thing in the world, either.

I’m glad it went to someone who could use it.

All righty then.  I have a chicken in the oven and it’s about done.  Going to go put a veggie on to warm, and call it dinner.  I’m getting hungry and considering G got a table and four barstools into our car, running up and down to the second floor to get them to boot, I’d say he’s earned his dinner (and then some.)  I still can’t believe we got all of it in one trip.  Those barstools don’t disassemble and we only have a little LeBaron.  He managed to get everything in, though, and we got home in one piece, nothing scratched.  (Rosie, I’m sure you remember.  G really IS an expert in fitting everything in when we’re moving.)

All things considered, I think shortly before time for us to move I’m going to post a “wanted” ad on Craigslist, asking for a better housing deal.  I still have hopes of buying a place – mobile or condo or house, I don’t care, long as it’s OURS.  The place we’re living has dropped their rent by more than $100 a month for new tenants.  I just can’t see sticking around for much longer when we can get a 1200sf condo with a fireplace for under $700 a month, while for this little apartment we’re paying over $800.

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