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New Locks

HOPEFULLY our house hunting is finally over.  We ended up going smaller and more money than planned, but the location is about the best it could be – close enough to walk to the grocery store but far enough from it (and from the main road) to avoid traffic noises.

We worked one of the deals where investor A bought a short sale for cash and we’ll be buying from him for a markup.   He will need to do some minor repairs – it’s laminate throughout the public areas and a couple of boards are missing in the kitchen, and the carpeting in the bedrooms need replacing – but overall it’s in decent shape.

We ended up doing a 3/2 and the daughter and baby will just have to continue sharing a room.  It’s only about 1450 square feet, which is smaller than we wanted but still larger than here.  And it will be ours.  We had talked already about jumping much higher in price, but I’m glad we aren’t going that high.  Because G will be moving his office to the third bedroom it should be simpler to baby-proof the rest of the house, and the upside to less house footprint is more yard for baby and doggy.  Likewise smaller utility bills, which is a big deal in the land of oh-my-God heat.  Today we hit around 110 and my body knew it when I got home from work.

I can’t help giggling to myself over G’s reaction though.  He was the one who had balked over and over again at the prospect of buying a home, but now he’s as giddy as a kid on helium.  He’s looking forward to being able to setup a work bench in the garage and being able to actually use the tools that are so deeply buried now.  He is even happy with the street name – in that part of the world everything is old-west-centric.

I’m just glad to see a light at the end of the tunnel. At first it was exciting to look for a home and realize that yes, we really could afford to buy a house. After the process, though, I was ready to say yes to about anything with doors and windows, just to be done with it. I’m also very glad that it looks like we may be able to move in close to the end of our lease, rather than waiting another two months. It’s not the end of the world to wait and yes, the cooler temps would’ve been nice; but all things considered, I want to move into our own home and be done with it, to finally feel like we can put things away without calculating how to repack it a year or two years down the line when our lease is up.

Of course with short sales anything can happen, but this is an unusual circumstance and there is reason to believe it will fly through at record pace.

I’m also looking forward to meeting my sister-in-law, who plans to visit us this fall/winter, and G and I agreed unanimously that this year we WILL have a Christmas tree.

And it will be amazing just to feel, for the first time in my life, that I have something reasonably stable.  It’s awful to always feel displaced.

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