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New Goodies, Free Goodies

A while back I joined a site that offers discounted products from Amazon, in exchange for reviewing the product. I think I’m up to fifty-ish orders, lots of them freebies and lots more just $1-$2. I spent a bit more, though, to try to get a working laptop desk. And holy mama mia was it worth it!

lapdeskI know. It looks like something off of Star Wars. I dubbed it R2-Desk-2. It’s just SO. FREAKING. AWESOME.

I live and die by my laptop these days. Most of the time I either use it whilst sitting on my bed or on the sofa. I spent hours wishing for a usable laptop desk to raise the sucker to a better ergonomic height. Unfortunately when I tried laptop desks in the past they were unstable, and worse yet – they wouldn’t work because when I sit on either the bed or the sofa, the mattress/sofa cushion is uneven. The average laptop desk tilts at about a thirty-degree angle.

It’s not conducive to getting work done. It’s mighty conducive to dumping the laptop onto the floor.

I even tried the beanbag-bottom kind that you just sit directly on your lap and try to fluff the beans to one side or the other to balance things out. Umm… let’s just say it didn’t help the situation and leave it at that.

When I saw this little thingy on the review site, I hummed. Hmmm…. I thought. That looks interesting. Like maybe, possibly, you can adjust the legs… separately? Well I got it today and lo and behold, you can indeed adjust the legs separately! SCORE!!! And those little adjustable legs are not wobbly when you click them in, either, no no no! And you can further tilt the desk part,  yes yes yes! AND it has a USB powered fan, too! Woohoo! It even looks cool, with a brushed aluminum finish. It weighs almost nothing. I’m tickled pink to get it.  You bet this product will get killer reviews from me.

I paid more for the desk than anything else except my daughter’s hair straightener, but I’m so glad I did. I foresee using the heck out of this thing. You can check out the specifics on Amazon here if you’re so inclined.

headset-smallSome of the other goodies I’ve scored:

  • This $40 gaming headset for free. Why yes, the microphone does look phallic to me too. Thanks for noticing.
  • A memory-foam pillow for a buck. Still waiting to review it. Can’t make up my mind if I like it or not. Sucker fluffs up to be a brick and never gets softer, but that’s the nature of memory foam so maybe I’m missing something.
  • Herbal odds and ends up the wazoo, most for free.
  • A neoprene knee brace for 99 cents. It’s on order, haven’t received it yet.
  • A remote clicker to take pictures with my phone or tablet. No, not a selfie stick. This. If I can figure out how to prop my phone up so I’m not holding it, I can actually take pictures and not shake the phone!
  • A wireless doorbell for $1.99 – our home has a doorbell button but never had a doorbell. I haven’t set this one up yet but I’m planning on doing so this week
  • A steering wheel cover to keep my hands from blistering this summer. Looks weird but long as it works, who cares? I paid I think $3.99 for it, which is less than what I’d have paid at Wally World for its crappier cousin.
  • Free sunshades for the car windows, same principle as above
  • Lots of RFID blocking sleeves and cases for bank cards
  • A box set of essential oils for free
  • A full size microfiber bedskirt for $1
  • A king size down alternative comforter for $2
  • All the ebooks I can read and more

That’s not all but you get the idea. Yes, all this stuff is new and nothing I got was “trial size”.  You have to sift through a ton of crap to find the stuff you want, and it’s always a toss-up whether or not you’ll get chosen to do reviews. For me it’s been about 50-50, maybe a little better. I have Amazon Prime, which means free shipping. There have been a couple of the products not covered by Prime but they were shipped free by the merchant. Either way – with Prime the free stuff was actually free and the cheap stuff was actually cheap.

I don’t think I get anything for sharing the link but I’m certainly permitted to share it. There are a bunch of similar sites but the one that’s my go-to is It’s free to participate. As long as you recognize that you probably won’t want more than 5% of anything offered on the site, and not all discounts are created equal, it can be fun.

I need the free stuff to offset the fact that I just shelled out $750 to my HOA, fit to be tied – only to discover that it was a website glitch. I still paid out $750 I really REALLY couldn’t afford to pay. I shouldn’t have to pay them again until September-ish, at least. Yeesh.

Our IndieGoGo account for the server project has raised a whopping $25 to date, and that was paid by me. Therefore I also had to pay out more money for a promotion service in hopes it will bring us enough return to actually move forward with this project. I am officially tapped out, financially and emotionally and physically. The unexpected $750 was a huge hit to my bank account.

I know things will work out. I also paid for promotions for my books a couple of weeks back – not a lot of money, but still money. The promos start running next month on those.

I also need to call SSD and see if I can get a status update from them, since I’ve heard NOTHING from them except their initial, “Yeah we got your application.” I expected to be asked to provide details, but so far I’ve gotten a whole lot of crickets. Then again, what can I really give them that I haven’t already? I’m in a wheelchair, with a laundry list of physical issues, and have the medical diagnoses to back it up. It should be automatic. It never is, but it should be.


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