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Name That Tune

One more day of vacation.  Hard as it is to fathom, I’ll be glad to go back to work.  We’ve nearly got the place put together (only reason for the lack of photo-age is that I’m still on the laptop and don’t have any photo editor installed here.)  I’m nearly back to my normal level of mobility, or at least normal for the past couple of years; and I’m ready to go make some money.  I want to beat down some more bills.  It wouldn’t break my heart to have more time off either, long as it was vacation time off.  My brain just can’t wrap around that whole “entitled to this” concept.

There’s a funny (at least to me) post-script to that.  I have another week of vacation time available right now, and counting.  I’m hoping to arrange vacation around the time of Christmas/New Years.  That time of year it’s dead as heck at work anyway, but of course that’ll be the time EVERYONE wants off, so I’ll have to time it carefully and cross my fingers.

A bizarre email landed in my box today.  Long story short, someone tried to sell me a domain name.  Considering I already own ten or eleven domain names, I’m not in the market for more, particularly not from somebody who wants a premium price for it.

I guess there are people who make their entire living buying and selling domain names.  I’m not talking about places like and, the companies licensed as domain registrars.  I’m talking about people like you and me, regular Joes (or Jills) who buy up domains and put them up for sale for lots and lots and LOTS of money.  The most expensive one I know of personally sold for $2 million.  Someone else told me about one that sold for roughly double that, if it was a legit story.*

I wouldn’t mind selling a domain for $2 million or $4 million, but I’m definitely not holding my breath.

What’s sad is that this person scoped me out because I own the .NET and figured I’d grab at the .COM.  I just shook my head and responded, “Dude… just, no.  Thanks but seriously, no.”  Maybe if this were a biz name I’d have made an offer; definitely not for a personal site.

It’s a head shaker because it’s a very specific, narrow-interest domain name and I can’t see how this guy will be able to unload sell it for any real money.

I own one domain that could conceivably be sold at a premium rate, but I didn’t buy it to be a domain mogul.  I bought it because I liked it.  Haven’t yet figured out what to do with it, don’t know for sure that I’ll keep it.  It was an impulse buy and a good name.  Who knows?  Maybe it’ll be my money ace in the hole!

Yes, domain names ARE addictive.  I bought my first one back in 2003, a .COM; I bought its .NET around ’05.  Then we added G’s .NET in ’06, I think it was, and the others kind of snowballed from there.  I have one I use for work, the one for this blog, a family site, and a hobby-related spot, plus that nebulous one I don’t know yet how to use.  I will be buying another for my son, because he’s unemployed and wants to use it for self promotion to find new work.  Otherwise, I’m at the end of my domain buying spree.

Until I think of something else I need.


*I just looked it up.  The highest priced domain ever was INSURE.COM – which sold for SIXTEEN MILLION BUCKS.  Holy crap, I’m in the wrong business!  I need to buy and sell domains for a living.

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