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My Body is a Blunderland

Gotta love it when I fall asleep almost as soon as I get home from work.  Which explains why I’m awake at O’mygoditsthemiddleofthenight.  I will undoubtedly return for another snooze-fest midday, which has become kind of my weekend pattern lately.  Meanwhile, back at the blog, here I am.  Iz.  Or whatever the latest bad grammar fashion dictates.

Now that we’ve got the house thing sorted out, we’re sort of half-assed looking for stuff for the house.  Half-assed is because we know there are a few non-negotiables, like a fridge and a vacuum cleaner and a car and something for window coverings.  Our old jalopy is now officially dead and will not be joining us again.  She needed pretty much everything including engine rebuild.  All things considered, I wasn’t going to sink *mumblemumbleTHOUSANDSmumblemumble* into a car that’s umpteen years old and still likely to go tits-up at any time after the latest not-gonna-happen repairs.  So we’re continuing to borrow the daughter unit’s vehicle until we can pin down something else.

Ditto our vacuum was history and went out the door during the course of this week.  We’re not buying used on that – used vacuums are bedbug nurseries.  No thanks.

Plus there’s whole rent-a-truck-to-move thing, and a deposit for the water bill.  And while we have most of the window covering sorted out, we still have a few things in that department to cover.

And, and, and.

You get the picture.

We can live with most of our existing furniture but would really, really like to find a full sized sofa.  Our loveseat isn’t bad, though we’ll probably steam clean it when we move.  It’s just too small.  Our living room will look cavernous with one loveseat and one rocking chair and a tiny TV stand in a ginormous media niche.  Poolie will also vouch for the fact that we don’t really have enough seating to have company.  We can deal with it for the short run though, if need be.  There are always people moving out thattaway and most of the stuff is newish and sold for very little money.  We just need to either buy a pickup truck or find somebody close enough to walk it to the house.  (My son did that with his fridge – bought it two doors down or pretty close thereto.)

We still don’t have a firm closing date, though we’re looking tentatively at the 27th.  Mortgage Dude says we should know a firm date by the 16th.  Ergo I have already asked for, and been approved for, the days off around the end of the month.  I can probably juggle any midweek days, but if I want a Friday or Monday off I had to ask waaaaay in advance.  (Which I did.)

Otherwise, things have been steeped in the normal chaotic process of getting ready to move.  We have boxes stacked in the living room, we’re sorting through and eliminating crap as we go, and still barely starting.  It will only get more crazy.

Baby grandson will be spending moving weekend with his daddy, which is a good thing for all concerned.  Daddy is back with his ex-girlfriend, whom my daughter both likes and trusts, ergo baby boy will be doubly happy.  Daddy and his ex have a little girl aged 5, and my grandson absolutely adores his big sister.  He goes completely nuts from the second he sees her

My family is pretty comfortable with the whole ex-is-friends thing thanks to my own divorce process.  My first spouse and I were horrible together when married, but we truly did divorce the right way.  When it came to the kids we stuck together like glue.  The kids knew they were loved, and knew if they screwed up we’d both be kicking their butts.  I’m still friends with my ex’s second wife and my kids still keep in touch with their step brothers and half-sister.  Even when the kids’ dad was alive we never had a problem with one another after the divorce.  We did holidays together a few times and nobody screamed or fought.  We were never bosom buddies but we were able to set aside our issues for the sake of the family.  My parents even bought Christmas gifts for my ex’s stepchildren so they wouldn’t feel left out.  I never figured out how my judgmental and often cold parents pulled it off but I’m immensely grateful they did.  It’s the one aspect of an otherwise miserable relationship history of which I’m proud.

My daughter, the one living with us, even had a pro photo session with baby daddy and his ex and their little girl, just a few months ago.  The photographer was dumbfounded.

Whatever else is true, my kids learned that relationships don’t have to end with prolonged soul-killing (and child-battering) power trips.

In a few more hours G will get up, fix a pot of coffee, then we’re going to head out for some errands.  Meanwhile, I think I’m going to go curl up on the loveseat with a book and probably doze off again.

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