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My Big Fat Buh-Bye

The old apartment is officially over and done with at last, spotless and history!  Furthermore they’re handing us back $150 more in deposits than I was expecting.  I won’t see the deposit money for a few weeks but that’s okay too.

After all the grief yesterday I didn’t know how long it would take to finish things up today.  As it turned out it only took maybe half an hour (if that) to get everything done, turn in the keys and VOILA!  We were headed out.  G made a quick run to pick up some treats for Ye Puppy of Doggy, and grabbed a package of animal crackers for the two of us.  That was the sum total of our early expedition together.

Then early this afternoon I caught up with the hyposis thing.

Having gone through session one at the student-staffed clinic, I have to say I’m more comfortable with the student than I was with the more pricey practitioner.  While the “pro” I saw back when wasn’t overt in her disapproval, there was a definite coolness behind the professional mask.  I was hypnotized, no problem with that.  But I was most definitely not as relaxed as I could be, which in that context could make the difference between success and failure.

Today was a block of student sessions rather than just me solo.  Some were returning patients, others were newbies like myself.  I was talking with one young woman who was a student in another discipline, and she flagged down one of her friends to say hi.  The three of us sat and chatted for a while – right up until I was assigned to the friend!  I gather it wasn’t standard operating procedure (remember there were several of us there waiting and I didn’t see any indications of the same with other patients.)  There was a definite click and I was substantially more comfortable from the word go.  This was a woman younger than I am but not a teen.  She has worked with victims of domestic violence and with special needs children in previous work capacity.  Her demeanor was professional but friendly – it was just this side of two old friends, one of whom happened to be a hypnotherapist.

Will it work?  Guess we’ll find out.  Bottom line, whether I employ hypnosis or meds, ultimately it’s me who lifts the fork to my mouth and me who swallows.  I select whether or not to choose wisely in what goes into my body.  Short of gastric bypass, which would almost certainly kill me, nobody can prevent me from eating myself to death except me.  I did eat less for dinner tonight – about 1/2 or 2/3 my normal portion of a favorite meal.  That was an hour or so ago and I’m still very comfortably full with no desire to go back and snack.  Crossing my fingers!

It was pretty interesting, the cross section of healing disciplines offered at the school.  In addition to more “tradional” hypnosis, they also offer reiki, and at least a couple of others that were new to me.  The conversations between my hypnotherapist and her friend included contacting angels, and I talked with C (therapist – seems simpler to refer to her by initial) about crystals, etc.   And of course they offer courses on theraputic massage, which is how I ended up finding out about the school in the first place!

G setup his computer and I’m on the laptop.  Mine’s going to take the more extensive wiring due to its placement, and we’re going to do some rearrangement over the next day or so.  No point in getting everything set up only to have to tear it back down for a move, so the laptop is my friend for the time being.

Time to wrap this up tonight though.  There’s a TV show I want to see – acoustic guitar masters, so called for a reason.  The current performer is absolutely amazing.  Going to sign off here and veg out to some awesome tunes.

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