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My Baloney

Yes, this is two entries in as many days. It feels positively decadent. My hands are mostly cooperating tonight, which helps. I don’t have a political agenda to espouse (you’re welcome) and while it’s o’dark thirty at night, I’m still awake.

The weirdest stuff happens along sometimes. Like really, really weird.

The Greenhouse Servers project is still in development, though it’s undergone some modifications of late. We got exactly one $25 contribution during our grand flop of a crowd-funding effort, and that one was made by me. I was talked into that by my partner, and while it was a certifiable waste of time in one sense, I take it as an expensive learning experience. The crowd-funding part of it was free. The promotions were not (and that doesn’t count my donation).

You want irony? I actually was notified of a PayPal donation today, a legitimate one that didn’t come from either me or my partner, nor through the crowd-funding space. Kind of awesome, if weird and unexpected. Not enough to do much other than keep the bank in fees for a couple of more months, but hey – I’ll take it.

The bigger development is a slight sideways shift in plan. We were kind of stalled, trying to figure out our next step, when something more or less fell into our laps. I need to compose a detailed technical proposal for this as part of a substantially larger, prestigious joint project. That wouldn’t break my heart in the least, and I believe it would be advantageous to the Big Boys, too. If it flies, it will probably be a little less money and a LOT less work for us. I could sure live with that.

Better yet, both my partner and I agreed that if we get the opportunity to just sell the whole shebang for a decent amount of money, we’re going to do it. My body hasn’t been very kind to me lately, and he’s in a similar situation. I left work in November because of health issues, and it’s been a push since long before that. My health didn’t magically get better when I stopped working. This crap is progressive and it’s giving me Hell on a daily basis.

We may look into starting up another business together if we get an offer for the GHS project, but for if so we’ll be outsourcing the work from the word go – not in the sense of hiring a call center in India, just in the sense of hiring employees from Day One. Doing that means jobs for the community and income for us. Delegate and win.

All of this is speculation at this point. Everything starts with an idea, which develops into a plan, which ideally morphs into action. We’ve done some of the action on our original plan, but as is typically the case, the rule of threes applies: it takes three times as long, for three times the money, and three times the work you originally planned to get things going. Counting one enterprise where I’m a silent partner, I have four separate business startups I’m juggling right now.

No, make that five, plus my writing.

Disability aside, I believe I’ve got a responsibility to make things happen. I can make something like $1100 a month on top of SSD without giving up my benefits; if I can make $50K a year through other avenues, though, as long as it doesn’t kill me I’ll do that instead of SSD. If I can get a couple of solid businesses going and also help others along the way, I’m a happy camper.





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