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Periodically I listen to rock ‘n roll, but in general? I love beautiful music. Classical or new age are my first choices, with a recent leaning more to new age than classical. There’s a lot to be said about funky, shake-your-booty, whoop-and-hollar tunes now and then, and I enjoy dancing to techno with a beat. (Let’s not talk about how long ago it was that I last danced, shall we?) I still prefer something that infuses the air with a sense of calm, a sense of joy, and/or a sense of magic.

For the past few weeks I’ve been functioning in a sleep-deprived stupor, one that finally caught up with me this morning to the point I called out at work. It was warranted; I was in so much physical pain I would have been utterly useless at work. (You can track my physical health in direct relation to my work results.) Probably a wise move, because I oozed back into bed around 6 this morning and slept until past noon. This in addition to falling asleep last night around 6pm and sleeping until my alarm went off at 3.

Things were profound enough I decided to bite the proverbial bullet and spend entirely too much money at a local whole-foods store to get some herbal anti-inflammatory stuff. It’s like buying gold, but if it works I don’t care. The process unfortunately isn’t as fast-acting as popping typical OTC meds. Fortunately it bypasses all the side effects of NSAIDS, which among other things cause deterioration in arthritis patients.

Aaaanyway… Didn’t mean to get off on the Poor-Pitiful-Me path because that’s not even on my mind at the moment. I’m still determined to get the two businesses launched asap and needed to clear out a significant amount of brain fog to do it right. G is in agreement that we need to do this and WILL do it. He’s the smarter of the two of us when it comes to business ventures so despite my impatience I am giving him a bit of leeway to pin down a group of potential products for the e-commerce project. I’ve done what I could alone and am leaning on him for his input. That’s partly “leaning on” in the context of handing him a degree of control, but also in the context of the mob “leaning on” someone, heh. I understand the need to do our homework, but also am not willing to let him procrastinate indefinitely.

So after sleeping for about 18 hours and eating a HEALTHY meal (spinach and chicken salad) I am letting some music run in the background so I can hopefully get back on track. I’ve got panpipes going now, a cheapie CD I picked up at the thrift store. It’s less new age and more golden oldies! I wasn’t expecting that! No worries, it’s still pretty music.

When I hit YouTube this afternoon I also had the following guy’s page pop up as a recommend because he’s one of the handful of talented a capella singers who records multitrack. The following is a German song called “In einem kühlen grunde”, which translates “in a cool reason”. I don’t have all the lyrics but the music is gorgeous.

It doesn’t matter to me what the language, that’s just gorgeous harmony. He has several pieces in English, too, if you’d like to check him out, but of everything there I loved this most. It makes me want to write again, to read again, to rediscover joy and all the beautiful things I set on hold for drudgery and work, day in and day out.

It reminds me that there are reasons to be grateful. If I can start a meme, let it be this: list the top ten reasons, in no particular order, for which you are grateful.

  1. I am grateful there are still people who care enough to create beautiful music and other arts.
  2. I’m grateful for a full pantry and for the means to take concrete steps toward a better life.
  3. I’m grateful for friends whose grace and humor comes through so strongly in writing, on the phone and in person.
  4. I’m grateful for a husband who, if not perfect, is still leaps and bounds above and beyond the poor excuses for men in my life prior.
  5. I’m grateful for the Internet, which has opened so very many doors in so many lives, uncovered injustices and made us realize how much alike we truly are.
  6. I’m grateful for healthy, happy grandchildren who are loved and know it.
  7. I’m grateful for the fact that we still have choices in life – even limited ones. Freedom is a precious commodity.
  8. I’m grateful for the fact that we DON’T know everything. Wonder, curiosity and imagination are gifts.
  9. I’m grateful for chocolate!
  10. I’m grateful for living in the part of the world where I do. I’m not a huge fan of this state, for a lot of reasons; but I could be living in Japan…

What makes YOU grateful?

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