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Mugged in DC

At what point does Congress get that being elected does NOT give them carte blanche to rape and pillage the countryside.  They’re supposed to be on America’s side, aren’t they?  It’s almost laughable – or would be if the reasons behind it weren’t so horrendous – that some outlets have expressed surprise at Gallup’s latest finding: that Congressional popularity is at an all-time low.  Maybe that’s because what our elected assholes have done to this nation far outstrips the damage done by all terrorists combined.

Terrorists, both domestic and foreign, are only responsible for killing thousands.

Congress’s actions of late are tantamount to treason.  The men and women in office know – as any person with even a modicum of reasoning capacity knows – that our nation’s in a financial free fall. How many people will starve because our federal fuckups are playing tiddly winks with their balls instead of getting our economy in hand?  With Social Security in question long ago, what do you think the chances are of our seniors retiring before they die?  How many will commit suicide because it’s that or starve, or being forced to go without pain control thanks to something that would have been treatable with reasonable care?  Nobody can afford the mandatory insurance, so Congress gets to sit nice and pretty on top of the pile of income tax refunds nobody will get as a result.   My guess is that not a penny of that will go anywhere except into another fat cat’s pocket.

The shit-for-brains collective in Washington doesn’t even grasp that it’s them at risk as much as the rest of us.

Much as I would love to see and positive solution to the situation, the longer Washington parades its power trip the less likely we are to see a peaceful outcome.  Unless Congress gets a clue I fear we’re on a collision course with another civil war.  There’s a lot of armament in the US and a lot of unrest.  We’ve got kids whose future is to clean up this mess, and we’ve thoughtfully robbed them of education, family stability and more.  How do you honestly believe they’ll react once the ball drops?

There’s a lot of hoopla surrounding December of 2012.  The thought processes about the date range from it being just another day to worldwide cataclysm to the launch of a new utopia.  I won’t speculate on any metaphysical implications, but I will say that if our international leadership doesn’t get its collective act together, we’ll be lucky to make it ’til then.

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