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Mr. Roboto

One of my partners in crime colleagues pointed me today to a Titanium Spork, the epitome of all things tacky and cool.  I went on a visual excursion of the site and found yet more awesome-but-tacky wonders, including a Wi-Fi Roaming Robot:

Wi Fi Roaming RobotIsn’t that AWESOME???

You gotta give credit to the geek who created such awesomeness from an outdated mouse, the antenna from an old cordless phone, his older brother’s abandoned model of the Star Trek Enterprise, wheels from a Tonka truck, and his mom’s old black rubber hair rollers.

The image is linked to the page to buy it if you’re so inclined.

That isn’t the extent of the extreme geekness on display and for sale, but I thought this one took the prize.  (Though I have to admit a fondness for the Zombie Blood Caffeinated Energy Potion and theBeer Holster – Holds a Six Pack.)

The fun never ends… until you run out of money.

But I digress.

It was another relatively quiet day at work today, though not so quiet we were sent home again.  That would have been bad.  Very, very bad.

My uncle is on his way over for dinner so I need to make this entry short.  I don’t care for the majority of my family but this is my mom’s brother and of my family, he’s as close as you get to sanity.  I’ll take it.  Working on dinner now, got chicken cooking and need to get with it if it’s going to be ready anywhere near time he gets here.  Sis and her hubby are theoretically showing up too.  Still have no use for my BIL, but love my baby sister.  I figure she needs to know I’m here when she finally kicks his sorry ass to the curb.  I figure it won’t be much longer ’til he takes her house too far into ghetto and she says no more.

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