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Moving On

Over the next few weeks I am going to be doing a sort of juggling act with my sites – all of them. Haven’t decided yet exactly WHAT to do with them. I am definitely moving to a different server; it’s the particulars that’s got me stumped. This blog may be offline intermittently during the switch, though I’m doing my best to keep that to a minimum.

Only reason I’m changing is indeed a technical one: this server is old. Like really, really old. Outdated, truth be told. I’m just trying to decide whether to go for broke, so to speak – get a vDed, which would be both awesome and terrifying – or just move to a more current configuration of the kind of hosting I have now. I’ve got a lot going on right now: working ungodly amounts of OT to catch up financially, among other things. I really, REALLY need to get a new computer and am trying to find a way to make that happen too. I’d like to get another laptop and am counting on getting one with Win 7 since Win 8 is on its way. Hopefully for a steal. My desktop is even more outdated than my failed laptop.

Lest you look at me cross-eyed whilst on the one hand I talk about being short of funding and talking about spending more for something like a blog and computers, it’s all job related, not just this blog. This is one of about fifteen-ish sites that I own and maintain. Some of ’em I build specifically to break ’em so I can better figure out how to fix them. I am aiming for a promotion which would require even more knowledge about the various parts and sections of the job, hence the planned upgrade. Just not sure how much upgrade I can choke out of my budget until I actually get there, heh.

With all that’s going on – believe me, there’s a lot – I may be here only intermittently at best.  Sooner or later I’ll be back again, I hope!

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