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Mount Neverest

My poor husband has been dragged from pillar to post with me in the time we’ve been together. He’s uber-stressed about our current move, which is understandable. I’m not coming unglued about the move except timing – we’ll have to rent a storage room and a truck and pack everything out at least a day or two before closing, and have to have a place to sleep whilst tracking down a new place. We can stay at my son’s place, but it’s a zoo and will have the hubster’s blood pressure skyrocketing .

We’ve lived through some hard-scrabble times before and to be honest, this one isn’t even close to the worst. I personally have lived in my car (didn’t bother me too much except for the lack of a shower, but I managed.) I’ve lived in a travel trailer in snow country in mid-winter and run out of gas for heat. I’ve lived in places that by rights should’ve been condemned by the board of whatever. The long and short of it is that I survived. G lived through similar scenarios, but doesn’t have my sense of bounce. I guess all this fat counts for something after all, hah!

G is justifiably worried about trying to lug everything back and forth considering his heart condition. However, we already agreed on getting rid of the heavy stuff – our monster sofa, for example, is going up for sale asap. Since we’re going smaller, I think we’re going to trade in the king bed for a queen – which is another thing we sell rather than move.

The washer frankly can’t go into a mobile, even assuming we do get one with the hookups. (Some have it, some don’t.) We have one of the high-efficiency washers, which would destroy the floor of a mobile.  It needs replacing anyway. It’s gone from a small leak to a more substantial one. Not sure where the leak’s coming from, and it’s old enough it just makes sense to replace it. Not sure we can even sell this one, but since it will wash clothes maybe somebody will want it for cheap. If not cheap, then free, just to get it gone. The dryer’s old too, but it works. Whether or not we hang onto it probably depends on whether or not we have something lined up by the time we’re ready to vacate.

That’s what I’m hoping – I would like ideally to have, if not a place ready to move into directly, at least something in the works by the time we head out of here. I’m sure it partly depends on how fast this place sells and how much we get in final price.

The good news is that if we buy a mobile from an individual, it’s possible to have everything setup so we have at most a few days between close here and moving in there. That’s doable. In theory it should be comparable time-wise to renting an apartment. Credit check, criminal check, badda-bing. Easy stuff.

Our realtor was supposed to have let us know about a 2br 2ba mobile northward of here, closer into town. I never heard back from her so assume something didn’t add up. Oh well.

We also went looking and found three possibilities in just one small park. It wasn’t a fancy place, but we don’t need fancy. We need livable. I love one thing about the park – it had trees! Lots and lots of mature trees! Small places, granted – but most included screened-in patios and carports, which is pretty much all we’d need. Smaller places also equal smaller utility bills. For G and I, they’d be plenty. Not sure how well it will work with daughter and grandson, but ideally they won’t be living with us forever, either.

A few years back we found a humongous double-wide in excellent condition, for $2000 cash. THAT would be seriously awesome. You never know. We’re still moving forward and I expect that will continue to be the case.

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