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Mother Freedom

Child unit and grandchild unit officially moved out this past weekend.  It’s blissfully quiet.  I miss my grandson already, but know that this really is best for all concerned.  I don’t deal with growling from G about the mess and don’t get bitched at from the daughter for G’s grumpiness.  The house will be cleaner, even though it means I have to cook all meals going forward.  Trade-off.   Overall I find I’m a lot less tired without the baby demanding my attention nonstop.

It’s not a permanent arrangement, so far as we know now.  Daughter’s going to be back at least some weekends, with grandson in tow.  And at the end of the semester she’ll be moving back at least nominally.  That’s the plan now anyway – we shall see how things transpire over the long run.  I’ve learned not to hatch before my chickens are eggs, or something like that.  Something about a bird anyway.  Maybe flipping the bird?  Or something?

Sorta New PhoneI bit the bullet tonight and ordered a new phone.  Well, new to me anyway; I ordered a refurbished and unlocked Samsung Captivate from

I’ve been using an old (very, very old) slider (the kind for which data points its finger and laughs) for the past several months.  A recent change to the workplace indicated we’re going to need smartphones in connection with my job.  That’ll hold true with or without the promotion.

I consulted my younger son, who manages a phone store, and discussed what kinds of device would be best.  I debated getting another iPhone; for a number of reasons, it was discarded as an option.  After narrowing things down to two, the son recommended this model.  I had to go through Bill Me Later’s payment plan to afford it but figured in the long run it was the only way to fly.  This little monster’s got a big enough screen that if my laptop craps out I can substitute the phone for a PC.

I weighed the possibility of getting a tablet instead of a phone.  (A tablet would also have been an allowable substitute at work.)  In the end the phone won out, for a lot of reasons.

This little monster got really good reviews.  Between that and my son’s recommendation I figured it was the best I could do and I’m sure I’ll love it.

I still haven’t heard about the promotion one way or another. I know there were a hella lot of interviews going around, and another round coming up in the immediate future.  They re-posted the job, which I expected.  There truly aren’t enough people with the tech know-how for some of our jobs.  My manager suggested I also apply for another promotion that’s super-tech-oriented.  I hadn’t thought about that position but if I see it listed again I’m thinking I’d probably go for it.  We definitely need more geek in low… er, high places.

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