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Morning Quickie

Yeah, not that kind.  It’s 3:30AM.  I’m not that heartless, heh.

Hope everyone’s weekend was good.  Mine was busy.  Wrapped up one looooooong-term project which is now in G’s hands.  Didn’t get a blessed thing written, sadly.  I hope to pick that up again very, very shortly.  Emailed a list to myself of some things that simply MUST get done in the next couple of days.  Fortunately while yes, they need to get done, neither involves cutting off limbs or shelling out bazillions of dollars.  (Except refilling prescriptions, which I forgot – urg.)

We have had absolutely insane weather this weekend.  It’s supposed to rain in July, y’all.  That’s our rainy season.  We got a few showers mid-summer, but this weekend?  I was driving Saturday around sundown and the skies opened up like crazy.  It was literally raining too hard to see anything past the end of my car.  I drove through street flooding I might otherwise have avoided because frankly I couldn’t SEE it.  Street lights were out and the traffic was ridiculous.  I wasn’t in a position to pull over or believe me, I would have.  Haven’t seen rain like that since I was on the road to Bisbee a few years back.

Palm Tree Fire

Besides rain, we had a big dust storm yesterday afternoon (which I apparently slept through) and to our east a few miles they had a tornado warning.  Yes, we get tornadoes in Arizona.  They’re infrequent and tend to be much weaker than their midwestern cousins.  And of course lightning – lots and lots of lightning.  The lightning is our enemy here: it frequently ignites fires, like one that set a stand of palm trees ablaze about 7-8 miles south of here.  To the best of my knowledge only the tree fire (pictured above), power outages and some minor wind damage was the extent of it.  No major flooding, nobody lost their lives or their homes.

Tornado Remnants

The one truly wonderful side effect is that we are finally seeing temperatures more along the lines of what we expect this time of year.  Daytime highs around 100ºF are good.  Daytime highs of 110ºF are NOT normal, and that’s where we were until this past weekend.

Some good news about Rosie – she’s out of ICU.  I was texting some with her daughter but haven’t had time to follow up since Saturday, so unfortunately don’t know any more yet.

Ack – time’s up, gotta get my butt moving and get to work.

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