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Morning Has Broken

Free at last, free at last!

No more babysitting except in short increments because Little Guy needs his grandma time – and grandma needs some Little Guy time, too. But no more being left with him on a regular basis, because it’s unsafe for us both.

It’s not that this child is a challenge: he’s just a normal little boy, with all the energy that entails. When his grandpa babysit a whole day a few days ago, grandpa said the little guy was good as gold – calm, happy and didn’t give him a bit of trouble.

My daughter’s out of school for the semester (hallelujah!) and has her state paramedic certification. It’s going to cost her about $80 to get her national certification, which which needs to happen SOON. The end of her schooling is just around the proverbial corner. She still has to land a job with this new-found training, get a year of experience under her belt, then she has a year of nursing school to finally have her RN. (The year as a paramedic is mandatory to get into nursing school without a three-year wait.) Once she’s got that she’s pretty much set for life. I hope she has enough sense to get her ass working soon and keep it that way. It’s kind of non-negotiable really, given the amount of student loan debt she’s carrying. Mama isn’t going to bail her out on it, either, even if I could.

I’m pushing to get the home business going, because I’m on a countdown with work. Short of a miracle, I won’t be able to keep going for another year, not where I’m working now. I like my job, and it’s a great place to work, don’t get me wrong. But by the end of the week my hands are locked these days. Aside from the typing issues that involves, I can’t drive. As with any job, there’s obviously always stress, which in turn exacerbates my physical issues in a big way. (Stress and fibromyalgia have been linked from the word go.) I’m already at the outer fringe of where I can be and keep going at all. Thank God G’s already working part time, which is a huge help. It’s not nearly enough to pay all the bills and it’ll take both of us going gangbusters to keep us afloat if and when we move to the next step, but every little bit counts and I appreciate everything he DOES do.

I’m off work for the day. Today’s the normal routine of medical testing ahead of our checkup a couple of weeks from now. I have to take the whole day off work to get this stuff done, the downside – or maybe advantage – of living so far out in the boonies. I’d lose the better part of half a day otherwise. With changes in the way stuff  is calculated, it does more damage to my attendance record to miss half a day for all the medical stuff than to be gone for the whole day. Let’s just say that’s not the way I’d do it, but I don’t make the rules.

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