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Miracle Miles

I’m in the process of reading a book entitled [name removed to stop the ongoing grief I’ve gotten from people who claim she’s a real witch who will cast a spell on me.  Apparently the spell involves diary spam and if so, she was very successful].  It is a bit… out there.  But after the past couple of days, I’m considering taking up residence in Out There.   I’ll take a lakeside bungalow, window boxes overflowing with geraniums and pansies, please.  Make it soft gray-blue with white trim in traditional style, with a generous yard (and a gardener, since my knees aren’t all that cooperative these days.)

One of the processes advocated by [name removed] is to take conscious note of the miracles you experience daily.  She recommended I even write them down.  Another of her instructions is to begin the day by saying aloud, “I am ready to receive.”  Yesterday I thought, what the heck, what do I have to lose?  So while I was driving to work I decided to press the reset button to my brain, saying aloud (yes, in the car) “I am ready to receive.”  I also made it a point to look around me with an eye for miracles.  Granted, it was a slightly jaded eye, but nonetheless I was looking.

This was just before the sun came up, bright enough to know morning was approaching but before the day has blossomed fully.  (Ain’t I poetic when I put my mind to it?)

As I drove along, I saw a huge crane.  Not the mechanical version: this was a bird, standing alongside a large urban lake.  The crane had to be nearly five feet tall, standing stock-still at the edge of the water, facing the east in expectation of daybreak.  To someone used to life by rural waters, that might not seem to be a big deal. For me to see this gorgeous creature standing perfectly still as I passed within a few yards; to see it in the middle of the desert, in the middle of an urban area, no more than a dozen yards from a busy street – that was something else again.  A shiver ran down my back and the word miracle suddenly seemed a lot more real and accessible than just a set of printed platitudes.

The rest of the day unveiled in a more subtle but no less positive manner.

Today, I decided to repeat the mantra.

Today (among other things,) I was given money.  I’m not talking about a paycheck, nor anything I sold in the course of my job; I was given money, out of the blue.  The last two days at work have been among my best to date, too.  Those were merely the things that struck me most powerfully, though there were other, low-key occurrences I considered to be miracles of a different sort.

There were reasons that the crane resonated with me, some I can explain and some I can’t.  Cranes are wonderful good luck symbols in far-eastern cultures, representing peace, honor, loyalty, health, longevity, and more.  There is a sense of the exotic in them.  To me they represent so much more, most of which is encapsulated in a single word: hope.  They also represent (to me anyway) a sort of inspiration.  Always there but always in someone else’s world, yet here it now stood, graceful and majestic, paused in my direct line of vision.  It was a misty silhouette against the brightening eastern skies and tore a wrapper away from my heart in ways I’m only beginning to grasp.

I am looking for miracles again – something I haven’t done for a long, long time.  I used to look for them and was bitterly disappointed when, many years later, they had still to appear.  Unfortunately back then I was only looking for miracles that I ordered, thinking there was a miracle restaurant in life.  “I’ll take one of winning the lottery and two perfect kids.  Oh, and throw in a side order of Prince Charming, willya?”

Amazing what an attitude adjustment can do for you.

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