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Muchly Weirdness

Warning: this may be a duplicate post as WordPress is apparently PMS’ing tonight.

Unfortunately yes it IS past midnight, and therefore yes it IS hours past my bedtime and I’m still awake.  Which, as you may have guessed, makes me considerably less than thrilled.

Another good day at work, numbers-wise.  I am expecting more of the same tomorrow – more miracles, better as time goes on.

We’re also planning to start looking at some homes this weekend.  It’s a heartbeat away from April, which means we have about three months left on our lease here.  That’s not a lot of time.  I would really like everything to coincide time-wise so we don’t have to pay a single extra day here once our lease is up.   We have already priced a couple of places out, both larger than this apartment.  One would drop our payment by more than $100, the other by more than $200.  That’s a significant difference every month.  I have also dropped some of the costs on the phone bill, and hopefully soon will be able to whittle down at least one more payment.  When everything’s said and done we’re hoping to drop our monthly costs by at least $300-400.  That’s a nice chunka change for the trouble, and it’s very doable.

G wants to get a mobile and pay for it outright.  I am more than okay with that IF we can find a decent mobile for a price we have in cash.  This time of year is locally known as the tail end of “snowbird” season, when winter visitors keep housing costs up about 75% higher than summer rates.  A couple of months from now rentals and mobiles for sale will drop to almost nothing.  So yeah, there is a real possibility to get *A* place for what we’ll have in cash.  The bigger question is whether or not we can get a place where we can realistically live for the next several years.  I am perfectly fine with a manufactured home.  I simply intend to move into a place that’s in good repair and has enough space I won’t be tripping over my toes just to go from one room to another, and I want to find a place where we can stay put for a while.

I’m trying to remain positive even though at the moment I’m about two heartbeats from committing husband-acide.  I appreciate a clean house and G really does ALLLLL the housework.  But dammit, I can’t set down my purse, or a book, or (in this case) a notebook without him “putting it away” before it ever hits a flat surface.  Which all too frequently translates into “unlikely to be found again any time during this century.  Maybe not even during this millennium.”

I am not the uber slob I used to be and I most assuredly rest better when the place is clean.  Still, there is such a thing as overkill in keeping the house clean.  It reminds me a little too much of my dad, who once literally went ballistic over a single grain of rice on the kitchen floor.  My dad’s rationale was that he could step on it and fall.


Tiny thing in the greater picture.  Still annoys the shit out of me sometimes.

I’m going once again to attempt a little shut-eye.  I’ve got about four hours before having to haul my fat ass out of bed.  Wish me luck.

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