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Some entries deserve dancing chickens and other Muppetery, just on the title alone.  Doesn’t mean the entry is serious or funny or whatever; I just like the Muppets.  Unfortunately YouTube took down the sound on my favorite Muppets entry and I couldn’t find another place that would let me link to it, gah.

G and I both get a kick out of the manamana song.  There was a commercial out a while back that took a version of the song – and we’re still known to sing it back and forth to one another from time to time.  Couldn’t find a version online, darn it – the line “manamana” was replaced by “You never know.”  I keep thinking it was either a car commercial or an auto insurance commercial.

I hate when that happens – when you can hear the music but your brain goes into full freeze zone.  Bleh.

I did a freebie consultation today with the hypnotist.  It’s a skinny lady who used to be bigger, and who is a recovering diabetic herself (for lack of a better term.)  She’s just warped enough I can forgive her for being pretty and skinny.  Besides which, the whole idea is to help make ME skinnier.  Not sure how hypnotized I was, but I’m willing to give her the benefit of the doubt.  I definitely heard every word and had a moment of sheer crack-up laughter in the middle of things.

Which imho is pretty damned awesome.

Work was… well, work.  I’m glad I’ve only got two more work days this week.  I’m tired and really wanna just goof off for a while.  We’ll actually be looking at more potential places to move, which is fine too, long as my back holds out.  My knee is FABULOUS in comparison to its normal throbbing.  My lower back is still pretty not-okay, but tomorrow’s appointment it’s gonna be addressed again bigtime, one way or another.

The one awesome thing in all of this is that on our moving weekend (and I hope we’re actually moved before that,) I have five – count ’em, FIVE – consecutive days off.  Can I get a humongous WHOOP WHOOP!?!?

Meanwhile my Cancerian hubby is tucked neatly in his shell again.  He’ll come out when he’s good and ready, I guess, and not a moment sooner.  All things considered I’m more than okay with that.  If he wants to pout for a couple of months, let him.  While the cat’s in self-imposed solitary, the mouse will play her ass off without a second thought.

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